BLOOM: Make Your Mark

By Jo Phillips

Luna & Curious is holding an event named, ‘Make your Mark’ at  London Design festival this September. These workshops will celebrate the relationship between craftsmanship of hands and materials.

The word ‘Handmade’ is not alien to Luna & Curious. Everything Luna & Curious create is handmade. ‘Hands’ are very important in the manufacturing process- everything has been touched, filed, soldered, cast by hands, but the lasting product has no presence of touch. This is what Luna & Curious wanted to put across into their work shops.

The three face behind the face of Luna & Curious are Polly George, Kaoru Parry and Rheanna Lingham, who combine their inspirational talents together in Shoreditch, London.


Activities will include making clay pinch pots, decorative wrapping paper and stationary. There will be nail art and beauty workshops as well for everyone to participate in.

All workshops are free to attend. The link to the activities and details are listed here.










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