Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth

By Angelina Puschkarski

 Endgrain by Raw Edges, specially commissioned for Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth
Endgrain by Raw Edges, specially commissioned for Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth

The designers Raw Edges and Tom Price have been invited to Chatsworth to create specially comissioned designs for its exhibition ‘Make Yourself Comportable at Chatsworth’.  From the 28th of March until October 23rd you have the chance to really try and make yourself comfortable in the castle with the help of the design of international artists and designers such as Marc Newson, Amanda Levete, Thomas Heatherwick and Moritz Waldemeyer (who was the guest editor of our Renaissance Issue).

The exhibition will not only reveal the designs of those artists but also the historic collections and interior of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire’s home. The contemporary seats have been selected to reinterpret either the space they are displayed in or an object from the collection. All that is designed to be engaging, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the house and collection in new and surprising ways, to make themselves comfortable at Chatsworth.

unnamed (1)A major commission for the exhibition, awarded to Raw Edges, will be situated in the Sculpture Gallery. The gallery was built in the 19th century to house the 6th Duke’s contemporary sculpture collection, including Endymion by Antonio Canova. Endgrain sees the historic space fitted with a grid-like wooden floor with coloured pathways through the gallery. A tree can carry water and minerals throughout its entire body by using its grains. Raw Edges have used this same method to add and transfer pigment along the grain in order to paint a single block of wood from within. He comments, “As soon as we saw the 19th century Sculpture Gallery we were fascinated by the idea of introducing colour to the space, in order to create a backdrop to its monochrome sculptures and interior. ‘Endgrain’ is a tactile installation that encourages visitors to engage with the space by following a colourful pathway and invites them to sit and enjoy different views of the sculptures.”

Curator of the project Hannah Obee says: “The new perspectives that Raw Edges and Tom Price have brought to the Devonshire Collection through their commissions will provide different and exciting experiences and new stories to share with our visitors.”


So get down and make yourself comfortable at Chatsworth.

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