Margaret Howell

By Jo Phillips

Margaret Howell’s latest menswear collection was a continuing evolution of classic staples. Think chuffed chinos, the cotton cable knit, the boxy blazers. “The clothes evolve gradually, and the styling brings them to life,” Howell said. The main accessory was the Boy Scout scarf that was tied loosely around the neck. Some shirts mirror ones that Howell designed in the 70′s. ”Those shirts were tiny. If anything, we’re cutting our shapes a lot bigger today, and it seems more modern to me,” she said. For someone unconcerned about fashion, a lot of the pieces were a huge hit. ”I see what I do as urban,” she said. “It’s inspired by English dress, and yes, it examines our culture, but fashion shouldn’t be about a historical reenactment.”Margaret-Howell

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