Mashup: Disseverance by Chris Moon and Robi Walters

By Jo Phillips

Disseverance is an exciting new art exhibition from the two British artists Robi Walters and Chris Moon that runs from the 16th to the 30th of September. It takes place at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair and the theme is the change of seasons. The artists use very different techniques and styles in their works and they both present their individual interpretations on the topic of seasonal change in a vibrant collision of paint and collage. The Maddox Gallery is one of the smartest young generation contemporary art destinations in Mayfair, London. It is located in a Victorian townhouse in the heart of London and presents international contemporary artists and photographers.


Robi Walter’s artworks focus on collages and colourful mixed media pieces that are arranged in lotus-like forms. He works with discarded, recyclable materials and cuts and forms them by hand. He transforms unwanted objects into something new and beautiful and plays with a palette of rich and vivid colours that surround him to create a vibrant colour spectrum on his collages. All of this leads to the sense of motion in his works, just like the change of seasons. His motifs emerge from changing landscapes and the movement of time. Furthermore, Robi Walters is one of the new leading talents of British artists. The Daily Telegraph and Lexus selected him as one of the most exciting creative talents in Britain today and he even won the Arts and Culture category in the Creating the Amazing initiative by public vote. His works are often inspired by music and he recently produced a series of highly collectable collages from smashed vinyl. On January 1st 2011, he started his “365 project”, where he painted every day for one year. This project was a sort of therapy for him because he went through a difficult time in his life and with the project, so he was able to express his mood and mental state through his paintings.  In 2015, he published a book with all the artworks he did during his “365 project” and he titled each painting a news headline from the day he created it. Each book has a different cover artwork which makes all of the books individual pieces of art.


Chris Moon is a unique and gifted painter with a great understanding of colour, shape and form and he recreates past memories in dreamy detail. His paintings are abstract and force the viewer to interpret his visions and intentions. He captures the theme of seasonal changes and the cycle of life through an ever-changing Epping Forest which he documented in his paintings for a year. Chris Moon has natural talents and abilities in painting and his education in art was gained only from experiences. His unique works have multi- layered depth where one can only see one surface, but there are countless stories and intentions behind it. He even had recent solo exhibitions in London, New York and Los Angeles and has been featured in Interview Magazine and Flaunt in the USA and in Dazed, AnOther and Port Magazine in the UK. Additionally, there is a new documentary about him by famous British director and producer Jack Bond.


Both of the artists are influenced by nature which fits the changing seasons theme of the Disseverance. The exhibition will be presented on two floors of the Maddox Gallery with a use of dramatic lights and shadows. Furthermore, private London studio tours with the artists can be organized by appointment ahead of the Disseverance exhibition. They include a visit into Robi Walter’s beautiful Central London studio space, where the visitors will be given a personal introduction to the artist’s work and the exhibition. To register your interest, email . More information on the exhibition can be found here.


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