Me Myself & AI

By Fleur Chattillon

Are technology, machines, robots, apps and computers taking over humanity? Everyone’s definition of Artificial Intelligence is different, maybe that is because AI is not just one thing. There is a fear building about this or even these unseen monsters.  It has become more of a talked about trend and development and we may or may not realise we already use it in our day-to-day life, like for example weather apps. Still, there is a lot of mystery behind all the new technology used in the world and in making art. There is also a lot of criticism and questions. Is it possible for AI to react and help us in the same way a human brain could? And is it possible to create art with the same creative process as an artist would? Is this developing technology safe and helpful or just scary? Find out more about the connection between AI and technology and how this software is changing the hardware of our daily lives in Me Myself & AI.

Can we rely on these technologies for our well-being and happiness? AI is a regular focus of news headlines, political debates and Twitter threads, often flattened into generalised and misunderstood hype. People know of it but often do not understand it. Multiple surveys show a fear surrounding it and that people expect Artificial Intelligence to take over the world, with only half of the people actually trusting it.

And it is not only used in apps or on websites like ChatGTP, a model that interacts conversationally, but when you focus on it you can find it anywhere and it made its way to the art world a while ago.

Many artists and galleries use AI in the making and showing of art at the moment since art is always a reflection of time and current trends. Not only to show us what it is capable of but also to confront people and to make an audience think about AI in their lives.

Newly Forgotten Technologies – Artwork by Wesley Goatley, Image courtesy of Science Gallery Londen

One of these galleries is the Science Gallery London, together with the art organization FutureEverything they present the exhibition called ‘AI: Who’s Looking After Me?’. An exhibition and public programme that playfully and provocatively explores Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our lives.

The most important idea behind the exhibition is that they want to let you think about who holds the power in technological advancement, and how humans might take more collective ownership of the systems that feel beyond control.

Looking for Love, By award-winning studio Fast Familiar, Image made by Fleur Chattillon

You will be taken on a journey into the world of Artificial intelligence on several levels from the justice system and healthcare to love, politics, pet care and the daily commute.

It’s all about the surprising places in which AI technology is already embedded in our world, and raising questions about the powerful ways it may influence our futures. Like for instance would you let a robot take care of your cat? Or can you help a robot fall in love just by answering his questions? These are just examples of the many interesting projects and artworks that are on display.

Cat Royale- by artist collective Blast Theory, Image by RULER_SDQ_0607

The exhibition features work from 12 artistic collaborators, including seven original commissions, and offers public insights into current research from seven departments across King’s College London. So it’s a combination of art and actual research, which not only makes you aware of what could happen but also what is already happening.

Graphic Rwilding, artwork by Baker & Borowski, Image by Katie Edwards

With the development of technology moving so fast around us, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Beside Artificial intelligence in art, there is also Augmented reality. This basically means that the real world is blended with visuals that change natural environments. For example, having huge flowers growing next to you on the wall, but you are inside instead of in nature.

Well, you can experience an immersive illustrated mural on the upper level of The Village, Westfield London. An art project created by the artists Baker & Borowski is been growing there, it’s called Graphic Rewilding.

Graphic Rwilding, artwork by Baker & Borowski, Image by Katie Edwards

By using AR for the first time, the visionary artist duo have created an immersive, art-slash-nature experience to inspire Londoners of all ages. By accessing QR codes on the floor, the bold floral artwork quite literally will ‘come to life’ with augmented reality, to reveal a dynamic abstract meadow, for visitors to wander through.

Instead of going into a completely new world, like with virtual reality, you can just stay where you are, activate the mural and feel like the actual world you’re in is changing around you.

Graphic Rwilding, artwork by Baker & Borowski, Image by Katie Edwards

For Baker & Borowski it is their most ambitious and largest digital artwork yet, comprising numerous eight-metre-high panels, that are 1.5 square km of ever-changing maximalist wildflower meadow-scapes which will wrap around the walls of the vast circular atrium of level one of The Village. 

It’s bringing nature actually inside and it again shows how the newest technology is changing around us connecting us with art. Commissioned by Zoe Allen of Artistic Statements, the installation will be open over the summer months from June 7th through to August 31st.

The development of all this new technology shows that there are endless possibilities to use them in the world and Art. It gives new ways of making and experiencing art and it opens a new dimension in this branch. It shows that software maybe can’t replace things but definitely changes them.

For more information about The exhibition AI: WHO’S LOOKING AFTER ME? at Science Gallery London is from 21 June 2023 – 20 January 2024 go here

For more information about Graphic Rewilding in Westfield Mall Londen from June 7th- August 31st go here

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