Webbed; The Tocca Girls

By Sufana Hammad

Deciding on your personal scent is quite a journey in most peoples’ lives. You go through different bottles, different fragrances trying to find the ideal scent for you, and for some, it might even take years. Luckily, Tocca has made our life a lot easier. Rather than having just one personal scent, why not have six? Meet the Tocca Girls is an iconic perfume collection that allows individuality to merge in with different variations of scents and fragrances, from sexy to sweet and everything in between.  The brand has even made it simple by giving each fragrance by giving each perfume its won name within the group.

Tocca is an American company that began in the 90s, but the word Tocca itself translate to ‘touch’ in Italian. Created by a group of friends who loved to travel, Tocca’s company principles revolve around following one’s bliss, adventure, and friendship. Since the company’s launch, it now has three different collections. The classic collection is where consumers Meet the Tocca Girls, in which each perfume represents and honors the founding women of Tocca. Who would have thought a road trip could turn into a world-renowned perfume collection?

According to Tocca, “Each GIRL represents a different woman on a different adventure, allowing customers to bring their fantasy adventures to their beauty routine”. In a market place dominated by unisex perfumes, Tocca’s perfumes are unapologetically feminine, pretty and delicate in terms of the scents, the aesthetic and packaging. Femininity is embodied through the packaging, within elegantly rounded glass perfume bottles that would be a wonderful adornment to any dressing table.

So meet the Tocca Girls:

If you’re feeling a bit promiscuous, Cleopatra is the perfume for you. Being seductive, powerful and exotic is what Cleopatra is all about. The ingredients consist of jasmine, grapefruit, patchouli and vanilla musk to add to the cherry on the top.


On the other hand, if you’re feeling more elegant and want to embrace the avant-garde, Florence, the Tocca girl for you. Infused with a combination of floral scents including iris, pear, bergamot, blonde wood, and gardenia, it is a complete French garden flower bomb.


Comprising of wild rose, green tea, and lemon, Bianca is for the girls indulging in life’s luxuries on the Amalfi coast, with absolutely no shame. Inspired by the seaside cliffs, this sweet-scented fragrance makes you feel radiant, clean and uplifted.


Inspired by the 1940’s Parisian French novelist, Colette encompasses citrus, floral and woody scents, giving one a classic feminine essence, accompanied by a potent sense of strength and feminism.


This perfume is for the romantics, the girls that have their heart on their sleeve. It is for those with a burning passion and appreciation for the arts. Giulietta gives one a sense of freshness and elegance by paying tribute to youthful femininity, which comes from the combination of pink tulips, green apples, vanilla orchid and amber.


Easy going, young and spontaneous are all the attributes that come with Stella. Inspired by Italian sensuality and charm, this perfume consists of freesia, spicy lily, sandalwood and blood orange contributing to a wholesome Italian experience.


If you are keen to find out what Tocca Girls perfume suits you the best, you can now take the ‘Which Tocca Girl Are You?’ quiz on their website. It consists of six questions that attempt to pick the crème de la crème of Tocca Girls for you, based on your answers. The array of questions cover particulars like your ideal weekend plans, your ideal flower arrangement, etc.,  hoping to get you closer to your next Tocca Girl. If you don’t want to resort to the quiz to find out which perfume suits you best, you can find Tocca’s line in Liberty and also purchasable online.


The Tocca girls have a different pastel colour for every scent, ready to compliment the adventure you have waiting for you.

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