Meeting Place

By Jo Phillips

Where does a dome meet a building? Where does a perfume meet a church? Where does a skyline meet a city? At the Church Santa Maria del Fiore Florence, is where. This building meets with a spectacular domed roof, the scent meets with the spiritual nature of the church and the building dominates the Florentine skyline. This majesty is fragrance inspiration; Cupola meaning literally little cup, as this is what sits atop of the church. Find out more about Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Creations’ newest addition, Cupola; this almost spiritual scent here in Meeting Place.

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When history informs our future when it gives us a starting point for inspiration when the magic of the past melds into the magic of today something of worth really fills our imagination.

In this case, it is the Chruch Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence started  1296 and finally completed in 1436, with the astounding dome engineered by the founding father of Renaissance architecture, Filippo Brunelleschi. It is the inspirational source for the newest perfume from Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Creations collection. Meet Cupola.

It’s this dome or cupola that gives this new fragrance its starting point. This magnificent curved lid is still an unanswered question; how it was constructed? But without answers, it still stuns and rules the skyline of Florence.

Rather than being fully round, it is more egg shapes inspired to draw light into the dome so visitors feel closer to the heavens; bringing with a deeper spiritual connection. Redbrick arches intertwined with stone and wood lines that surround the top like an iced easter egg.

This is the perfect example of where history melds with modernity. Both leaning into each other. Bringing forward the past into present-day joy, here via an exquisite perfume.

Named Cupola, it is the 13th perfume to be added to the collection called Tuscan Creations a compendium of Salvatore Ferragamo’s aesthetically driven scents. Each of the scents in the collection is named in Italian as a celebration of the heritage of the brand and its world of leather, as much as the country it was borne out of; think heritage, art, food, and craftsmanship.

All the scents are modernity itself being genderless and presented in a solid square-based bottled rounded off as the eye travels up the bottle. The meeting of both female and male forms in one.

Look to the cap of the bottle, covered in genuine leather with double ton sur ton stitching, highlighting the craftsmanship synonymous with the house. All the perfumes in this group are fresh elegant and full of vibrant notes, echoing the land from town to village.

And the notes of this new scent Cupola? Well, it opens up with the bright fresh top of fruity, sweet citrus Tangerine meeting with the nettle-like fresh greenness of Angelica, these two notes then mix with the saintly scent of saffron bringing a soft earthy, honey-like leathery aspect to this bright, fresh opening.

This follows to a heart fuelled with magical orris, the root of the iris flower with its powdery yet slightly dank magic, mixed with Labdanum showing off its facets from amber, notes all the way to woody, ambergris, musk, and leather finished off with smokey almost religious incense.

At its base find amber, patchouli, and the ever so slightly mysterious guaiac wood, a woody smokey leather warming finish.

A scent rooted in the very earth it’s ingredients comes from, yet with a brightness that reaches up as though hands towards heaven. A scent that acts as a conduit between our world and our spiritual wishes. A conduit of history and modernity.

So when does a roof meet a building? When does a perfume meet a church? When does a skyline meet a city? Now you know, all in a bottle of Cupola from the Tuscan Creation collection by Salvatore Ferragamo.

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