Melbourne by Jackson Scott

By Pascal Ebner

Jackson Scott - promo photo
Jackson Scott

All the way from Asheville, North Carolina, Europe gets the opportunity to enjoy newcomer and college dropout Jackson Scott’s debut album “Melbourne”. With gentle lyrics and bedroom pop sound the young singer knows how to make his audience daydream – especially with his newly presented track “Sandy”.

Scott sets out to awaken the mystery in pop music once more by constantly altering his voice while singing and creating an alluring atmosphere – almost intoxicating. The feeling of shared tragedies, all around the world, is one of Scott’s themes, which he tries to convey in most of his songs. Nonetheless the debut album “Melbourne” is a nice twist on the pop genre and lets listeners experience more than just the usual happy-go-lucky sounds we’re used to. His gloomy pop may remind some of Tim Burton’s fantastic stories of strange creatures living in the same world.

To give a little insight into the obscure – yet astonishing – world of Jackson Scott, we added two of songs that are going to be featured in his upcoming album.

Jackson Scott’s debut album will be released on 9 September and can be seen and heard in London on 10 August at the Visions Festival. For more songs – and upcoming sound – check Fat Possum on SoundCloud, which features “Sandy” and “That Awful Sound” by Scott. Check out more music on Scott’s official SoundCloud page.

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