Microcurrent Face

By Jo Phillips

Beginners Guide to Microcurrent Facial


The world of beauty products is constantly evolving with new techniques to help us improve our looks. Your face is a dynamic tool for social communication, so naturally, it’s one of the most targeted by the cosmetic industry. This conveyer of our emotions is vital, and we want to preserve it as long as possible to look healthy and attractive.

After the charcoal and clay masks, allow us to introduce to you the microcurrent facial,  FUE procedures. It’s a new type of cosmetic treatment that’s particularly trending lately. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary facial treatment.

What’s a Microcurrent Facial?

The microcurrent facial is a mask you apply to the skin of your face. Similar to other face masks, it contains various proteins and nutrients like hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by your body. So what’s the difference? Microcurrent facials will deliver tiny electric currents to the face to help these nutrients penetrate your skin.

It was originally used in spa treatments, but you can now find single-use masks on the internet that come with a little battery to deliver these currents. There are also reusable models where you just need to change the wet mask part since you have a rechargeable device with electrodes.

Does It Hurt?

Don’t worry. Since we’re talking about microcurrents, it will not zap you like a taser. It can provoke a tickling sensation, but it’s not powerful enough to hurt you in any way. We can guarantee it’ll even hurt less than a dry charcoal mask or removing a band-aid.

However, it can be prohibited if you have a heart condition, a pacemaker, or if you suffer from epilepsy.

How to Apply a Microcurrent Facial?

If you opt for a mask at home, there are simple steps you can follow to apply the mask and ensure it works efficiently:

  • Clean your skin and dry it gently for maximum penetration of the nutrients.
  • If you opt for a single-use mask, activate the ion liquid that creates the current according to the instructions.
  • Remove the protective film and apply the mask to your skin.
  • If the electric device is independent, place the electrodes and activate the device.
  • Relax for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Remove the mask gently and massage the extra essence into your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Microcurrent Facial?

While there’s still little research to establish the benefits of this technique directly, the few studies conducted show the following benefits.

Muscular Stimulation

The electric current will stimulate your facial muscles. Similar to electrotherapy, this helps tighten your facial muscles, thus reducing signs of ageing and small wrinkles.

Improved Blood Flow

Blood correctly circulating in the face allows the body to deliver the nutrients for healthy skin. A nourished skin looks younger and healthier with more plumpness.

Better Mask Efficiency

Your skin is 64% water, and when you apply a face mask, the nutrients are absorbed by it as a sponge would. The electric currents help these nutrients penetrate your skin deeper and more efficiently to achieve better results. It usually takes a couple of weeks to see the first improvements.

Is It Better at Home?

When you go to a spa or a clinic to get a microcurrent treatment, you’ll benefit from professional infrastructures, and you’ll have staff apply the mask for you. However, the treatment can cost up to $600 per session.

The masks you can purchase online are much cheaper, with a price of around $40 for single-use masks and up to $200 if you opt for reusable models.


Microcurrent Facials: The Next Trend for a Younger Face

Microcurrent facial treatment improves on facial masks with better absorption of nutrients and other benefits linked to the use of electric current. It’s also the perfect opportunity to grant yourself a few well-deserved minutes of relaxation. So if you’re looking for a new way to slow the effects of time on your face and look your best, microcurrent facial is an excellent choice. 

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