Milan Design Week 2017 – What to Expect

By Jo Phillips


It’s time for all the best designers to make their annual migration to Milan. Now the 56th year of their design week, the event has grown into a composite of mainstream and new designers and exhibitions. At the centre is the fair – the Salone del Mobile – which boasts 300,000 visitors from 165 different countries. This year’s fair will follow tradition, taking place in Rho Fiera from the 4th to the 9th of April.

One of the most charming elements of the week is the interplay between the main fair and the smaller events that are scattered across the city, known as the FuoriSalone. Every corner of the city radiates inspiration and creativity.

The Salone divides into five exhibitions which run concurrently: the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, Workplace3.0 and the Salone Satellite.
Superstudio Group

32645146762_43b88d4153_o_opt (1)

Superstudio Group is one of the most iconic design corporations at Milan; their designs are some of the most anticipated this year. Now in its third edition, Superstudio’s many shows come under the umbrella title of SuperDesign, taking the theme ‘Time To Colour’. It signals a definitive shift from last year’s show which focused on shades of whites, blacks, greys and metallics. Their innovations this year are equally important and awaited.

Materials Village

Material Connexion_opt

‘Materials Village’ is a special project at Superdesign and the most significant one focusing on materials. Material ConneXion Italia effortlessly demonstrates the method this exhibition follows. Its aim is to showcase the innovative ways materials can be used in the future. The futuristic use of materials is theoretically and practically motivated. The three-dimensional installation above, named ‘New Materials for a Smart City’ was created by Patricia Urguiola Studio, asking questions about architecture and design in smart cities.


Alessandro Ciffo  

Alessandro Ciffo__opt

Alessandro Ciffo has created colourful objects using silicon to demonstrate the versatility of such materials – another special project for Superstudio. Taking full advantage of the ‘Time to Colour’ theme, Ciffo’s work is shown in the ‘Hand + Art + Design’ exhibition. Like Materials Village, Ciffo thinks a lot around the medium he works with. He alludes to tradition, often making one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces, but chooses silicon for this new age craftsmanship.


Tokujin Yoshioka

LG_Tokujin Yoshioka__optLG_Tokujin Yoshioka

LG have collaborated with Japanese Tokujin Yoshioka to create futuristic light-art – the first time either has shown at Milan. The artwork consists of light panels that illuminate the surroundings creating dimensions that transcends the human senses. The exhibition is titled ‘S.F_SENSES OF THE FUTURE’. In using light, they draw the eye to a fundamental aspect of nature.

Yokohama Makers Village

Yokohama Makers Village__opt

Yokohama Makers Village presents the ‘Flower/Metal’ collection, this collection is a creation of flower vases designed in the traditional Japanese style that harmonises the fusion of two differing materials, crafted in such a way as to lead the eye from the flower to the base of the vase in one clean curve.

F.lli Levaggi

Selected Objects_Fratelli Levaggi_opt

The colourful ‘Chiavarina’ chairs by F.lli Levaggi will be showcased. The highly skilled craftsmen will reveal their new handmade, lightweight and sophisticated chairs that aim to add a touch of individuality to the home and a splash of colour for those wanting to be a little more adventurous.



More Unmissable Design



Selected Objects_Stylegreen_opt

The German studio, styleGreen, are pioneers in creating plant and moss pictures. Their latest creation is a range of various plants hanging in a frame that adds a splash of colour to a dull home and creates the ambiance of relaxation. In framing the green, they elevate it to the level of art, asking us to look closely at nature.


Daydream - Image credit to Francesco Bolis (9)_opt

Design studio Joynout will be launching ‘Daydream’, a multi-functional seat. The seat designed by Assaf Israel, was inspired by the infinity symbol, and offers new ways of sitting and interacting promoting a relaxed state. Manufactured in Italy, from high quality materials the Daydream can seat up to two people comfortably as the seat is formed by two interlocking identical cushioned panels.


Scarlet Splendour

Luxury design brand,Scarlet Splendour will hold a stunning display of their newest collections by Italian designers Matteo Cibic, Dario Contessotto and Mirco Colussi as well as their first ever collaboration with designer Nika Zupanc. The brand will showcase a range of home and decorative furnishings in their display.



COS x Studio Swine 02_opt

COS will partner with London based Studio Swine. They will create a multi-sensory experience drawing on the natural and industrial.


Bird Table and Face mask - image credit to Vicky Lam_opt

Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone returns to unveil “Stone Age Folk” by Jaime Hayon. Inspired by folklore from different cultures, Hayon designed large-scale wall panels and playful carousels made from quartz, demonstrating the versatility of Caesarstone’s material.


Porta Venezia

Porta Venezia is a project that is split into three, showrooms and stores that feature modern design and art, spaces in selected bars and restaurants showcasing food and wine and guided tours of the Liberty facades organized in collaboration with Fondo Ambiente Italiano.


01 - první prototypová série_opt

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Frame presents Minds: Reshaping Hospitality at Milan design week. It is a series of talks and discussions by creatives, industry leaders and entrepreneurs in creating the perfect hospitality experience.

For the second edition of their ‘Transitions’ project, Baars & Bloemhoff once again challenged six young Dutch designers to re-imagine and shape its decorative materials into a design collection. The exhibition, is designed to emphasise the relationships between space, products and materials.

The Swiss technology company, Punkt will appear at Milan again this year showcasing a range of products and displaying their latest collaboration with Europe’s leading design schools. They will also be providing a comfortable lounge area where visitors can stop and recharge their batteries.




Circu, the amazing children’s furniture brand will be joining Milan design week this year to highlight two of their main pieces from their Magical furniture collection: the aviation-inspired bed Sky B plane which is a plane shaped bed and their Teepee room; a bedroom with strong inspiration in the magical Indian tents.


Dowel Jones


Dowel Jones will be at the design fair this year to showcase their furniture collection featuring chairs, stools and benches alongside work from 10 other Australian studios against a backdrop made of 8,000 hand laid bricks.


Zaha Hadid Design Eve_opt

LASVIT will preview two designs ‘Eve’ and ‘Duna’ by Zaha Hadid Design.  Eve is a chandelier that combines traditional glassmaking techniques with parametric design creating a play of light and shadow. Duna, the crystal glass produces changing effects of reflection and refraction.



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