Milan Design Week 2019

By Rosie Campion

After being named the best city for 2019, and this year being Leonardo da Vinci’s 500thbirthday, it’s safe to say it was a big year for Milan design week. The exhibition spans over 205,000 square metres so the creativity could span far and wide this year. The 58thedition of the Salone del Mobile speaks of the excellence in world design and preparing to become the engine of the city once again. Here are some of the many designs that caught our eye through the week. Longchamp x Nendo  Longchamp Philippe Cassegrain initially began Le Pilage by Longchamp in 1993, inspired by Origami. Collaborating with the Tokyo-based design studio Nendo. Nendo, founded in 2002 by Oki Sato, pushes designs to reshape our everyday life experiences. Initiated by the newest generation of Longchamp’s founding family, they bring back the iconic foldable bag. Throughout the collection, you can tell the subtle hints of each team. However, they come together in harmony, to create an effortlessly sleek bag that not only is quality, but at the forefront of design. Marni  Marni-Moon-Walk-2 Marni-Moon-Walk-5   The Marni moon walk is the definition of the future. A sensory journey, for visitors to step into the creative universe of Marni. Bright, neon lights and full of sleek design that projects you into the future. The project presents several original products created using unexplored materials, created by a community of Columbian artisans that have been with Marni for many years. As you enter, you can immediately tell the influence of the universe, with coffee tables evoking the shape of spaceships to furnishings of tribal aliens. Entering the Marni moon, you cannot help but notice the smallest of details that have been put together to create the experience. Hand painted metal sheets, colourful wool and natural fibre rugs only add to the feeling inside.  This year, the Marni Salone del mobile project is in support of an initiative of OTB Foundation. A socially useful NPO, to support child patients at the neuro-oncological ward of the children’s hospital in Rome. ISKO  isko denim 2 isko denim Launching the first multi-sensorial event about denim during the Milan design week 209, collaborating with a selection of premium fashion brands. It is safe to say we had high expectations and they were certainly met. Creating an immersive, interactive experience with a traditional fabric. The leading ingredient brand in global denim production and research has partnered with nine brands to put on “Denim Sound textures”. According to their style, each brand, interprets a type of denim developed over the years by ISKO. The exhibition was set in the historic building of Salone dei Tessuti. A 200-square metre path, entirely covered by denim. Our favourites included sound designer and composer, Chiara Luzzana, who chose acoustic research around each denim technology. Her research investigates noises and objects to create new harmonies. Not only is this innovative and creative, but also pushing what we know as design. COS Mamou Mani x cos Mamou Mani x cos 2 Teaming up with Mamou Mani, a hackney based architect in one of the largest 3D printed projects ever. The installation is almost reminiscent of a hive, the coming together of complex, geometric shapes to become one design.   Brokis brokis brokis What makes exceptional design? The aesthetic product is only a fragment of what produces exceptional design. Brokis’s master glassblowers encompass design. The luxury Czech lighting brand presented a lighting installation named “In a New Light”, the minimal, slick and functional lighting is everything you need. Citco Prive Citco Prive Creating a two section, installation with a Pop Art section with a more refined, slick area where their striking ‘Petit Soltaire’ marble wall was showcased. The contrasting styles complimented each other and was a showing of how diverse Citco Prive is. The urban graphic scene all the way to luxury, minimal pieces. Garbarino These haute-couture sofas are an interior designers dream. The elegant silhouette combined with soft colours to fit perfectly into any Monaco home. The eclectic pieces will bring a lifetimes worth of enjoyment, timeless pieces that would be the perfect addition to any space. Sunbrella sunbrella Combining design with sustainability is the driving force of Sunbrella. These beautifully designed, nature inspired pieces was an ethereal installation entitled ‘Les FLeurs du Vent’. The pop of colour with sleek design comes together to create these beautiful works. Toulemonde Bochart These stand out rugs will command any space. Collaborating with Laurent Solar, Eduardo Dente and Florence Bourel to create an array of rugs that demand attention. Beautifully crafted and designed, these rugs are unique features to any area. Hughes Chevalier x Reda Amalou Coming back together after the last success, this furniture line is a stand out, timeless collection. The colours pop to compliment and contrast their surroundings. Vista Alegre Vista Alegre The Porcelain brand has presented tableware, home décor, giftware and furniture. A broad range of lamps created by names including Jo Sampson and Arik Levy. The designs are unique and crafted to compliment the space around them. Maintaining design and functionality is a difficult task, however one Vista Alegre is achieving. Artemest Artemest Artemest and TED interior, presented ‘Living Objects’, this installation was transformed by innovative design. Transforming a 1930 villa into a home theatre with bright, colourful interiors. Lison De Caunes Lison De Caunes In collaboration with designer Cristina Celestino, in the Pasticceria Cucci. The exhibited straw screen was a unique innovation of pure design. Contrasting colours that came together to form this explosion of carefully curated colours. Super design show This space never fails to make an impression, having a miniature fair within this big design fair that always has beautifully crafted, forward thinking designs that capture everyone’s imagination. This year, a large space was given to Japan, Korea and Indonesia to combine nature, technology and traditions in this new globalised world. Also, the ‘Italian Attitude’ with the splendour of Italian marbles by Pietra Naturale Autentica and in the beauty of resins by Gobbetto. The design was limitless. Other countries such as Denmark, bought a collation of art and design represented by Norman Copenhagen. Known as a smaller fair, has consistently proven itself with research, emotions, culture and products. With more than 80,000 visitors and 2,200 journalists. It’s safe to say it was a huge success. Redefining Space’ Monochrome Monologue’ Some stand out features included, the ‘Monochrome Monologue’ by the Korea Craft and Design foundation. Creating a new dimension of a monochromatic world. The symmetry of the sides created a balance between the contrasting colours. Also, ‘Redefining Space’, LG Electronics with Foster + Partners was as if you stepped into a computer. The sleek designs combined with illuminating violet, created an alternate reality that you felt a part of. JPO Cosentino JPO put on a week-long display of projects that were all different, however all had one thing in common- brilliant design. The first, one day event was with the iconic Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen, and world renowned artist Olafur Elliasson. This collaboration created a large scale, pendant light, the ‘QE Quasi’. This is innovation brings together complex elements in effortless ease. A truly legendary collaboration. Other features of the week included the collaboration of global surface company Cosentino and designer Benjamin Hubert of LAYER. The immersive installation, broke down boundaries of what design means. Exploring the architectural properties of their ultra compact surface Dekton. Scarlet Splendour Scarlet Splendour The two exclusive pieces created with Dutch designer Richard Hutten on their newest collaboration, bring together fun with design. Visually stimulating, the pieces are taken from natural elements. The Oasis collection cabinet stuns the viewer, however underneath is a functional and beautifully designed cabinet. The Walk chair, has a similar, more glamourous effect, inspired by beautiful, rare mammatus clouds. Lexus design winner 2019 The Lexus Design award, first launched in 2013, demonstrates the commitment to support in the belief of power in design and innovation for a brighter future. The winner for 2019 was Lisa Marks for her Algorithmic Lace. Announced at the Leading Light exhibition in Milan, the innovation is truly changing lives. Out of 1,548 entries and 65 countries, Lisa took the prize. Lisa Marks 3 Lisa Marks 2 Lisa Marks   The design is for women who have had mastectomy surgery. The Algorithmic lace allows traditional bobbin lace to use 3D instead of flat forms in its making. The first of its kind bra is based on the client’s body-scans and consultations. The bra avoids sensitive areas, and highlights, rather than hides the wearers shape. Taking away the need for body layer prosthetics. Lisa also spoke of other areas the algorithmic lace could be used in, including shoes and amputees. An internationally acclaimed designer and technologist John Maeda, commented “The result is a combination of function and beauty that positively impacts the survivor’s body aesthetic, while also providing fully customized structural comfort”. This design not only is innovative, it brings together the importance of feeling comfortable in your skin. We all deserve to feel happy, and this design is one to raise the confidence of any woman who has been through this traumatic experience. This design is so important.

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