Mineral; A gem for every mood

By Jo Phillips

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Ruby is a gemstone, a colour and a name. Rock is an object, a verb and finally a music genre. If minerals can be on your finger, why can’t they be on your Spotify playlist? Just like your precious jewellery collection, here’s a small compilation of gems for every mood.

The Killers – Bones (2006)

The music video was directed by the notorious Tim Burton, bringing shivers to the spine.

Stevie Wonder – Pearl (1969)

Taken from the heart-pouring album My Cherie Amour, this song is about “the sweetest girl in the world”.

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone (1965)

This song put Bob Dylan on the map at #2 on the US Billboards with its infamous drumbeat.

SBTRKT – Wildfire (2011)

Feel like living on the edge in the 21st century? SBTRKT will help you get your adrenaline levels up.

Kaiser Chefs – Ruby (2007)

Since its release, it has had a huge impact on popular culture in advertising, television and video games.

Marilyn Monroe – Diamond’s a Girl’s Best Friend (1953)

Originally by Carol Channing, the song became iconic of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in which Marilyn Monroe gave us a glamorous and extravagant performance.

Queen – We Will Rock You (1977)

An original by the originals. The energy in this piece, makes it the perfect anthem at any stadium.

Kendrick Lamar – Element (2017)

The controversial track visually packs a punch as it juxtaposes violence and peace.

Dream Lake – Crystals (2017)

What’s even more exciting than Winter Wonderland? A galactic adventure on a strange new planet.

Keane – Crystal Ball (2006)

Ever feel like everything’s falling apart and nothing makes sense? Keane has channelled this in the song.

Spandau Ballet – Gold (1983)

This classic gem concludes the playlist with the most uplifting chorus that still resonates in the 21st century soul.



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