Mineral; Booba x Nejma Collection

By Jo Phillips

When French artist Booba joined forces with the Nejma collection, worlds of beauty and music are fused, the outcome – a rich and powerful scent that depicts the strong presence of the rapper.

The brand new scent was made alongside the perfumer, Alice Lavenat, to fuse luxury and modernity together. KoEptYs, is a sensual and aromatic scent inspired the French artist Booba. Not only did the rapper inspire the scent, he was also closely involved with the creative process, bringing passion and excitement to the project. 

Key-Visual-1The eau de parfum opens up with notes of incense, cinnamon and pepper that gives it a signature kick. The perfume then opens up to a floral, woody heart to dry down with notes of vanilla and patchouli. Together, this creates an addictive, rich, sensual and powerful smell that will transport you to a different time. 

The packaging of the perfume leaves you entranced as it stirs away from the traditional gold star Nejma’s perfumes are known for. The alternating upper and lower case in it’s name highlight the word ‘Key’, as a reference to street culture that has been a major influence to the French rapper, which has been a major influence on his life and music. Booba has sold over 10 million records worldwide, and has collaborated with P Diddy and Akon cementing his place as the most downloaded artist in French history. 

Flacon+etui Nejma Koeptys

Marie Lise Bischoff, the creator of Najma perfumes, is a visionary who coined the concept of unique and innovative scents that recreates a memory for its wearer. Her aim was to create a fragrance signature, recreate a memory or to just feel desirable. The perfume launches exclusively at Selfridges, you can get your hands on it here.

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