Mineral; Do You Know Your Style?

By Jo Phillips

Fashion is a means of expression, whether that be by the colours you choose or by certain textures that create a cohesive look. Looking good is not about money or about flashy clothing – style is eternal and once you’ve got that down, dressing up can be insanely easy. Need advice on how to achieve your best look? Learn from fashion journalist herself, Alyson Walsh in her new tell all book.  


With her second book “Know Your Style” just released, Alyson explains how every woman can be stylish, every day of the week. Author of the popular blog That’s Not My Age and with over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, including 10 years as fashion editor for a leading lifestyle magazine, Alyson has the answer to any fashion dilemma. In her latest book, she discusses how to dress with confidence while interviewing some of the most fashionable women in the industry – from architects, to museum curators and fashion designers. Throughout the book, Alyson talks about her go-to style icons as well as her go to brands for comfortable, stylish fashion. 


The book features artwork done by Ayumi Takahashi, and is a colourfully illustrated guide on how to dress your best self, despite the occasion. Alyson has created a book that entails all. She teaches you how to mix and match colours, textures, patterns and shoes. Writer at That’s Not My Age, Alyson aims to fight the stigma that you can’t look good over 50. The biggest fashion conundrum is what goes with what? What kind of jewellery to wear with certain outfits, what are the best colours to coordinate, and the combinations to be avoided, what shoes to wear with different trouser styles, what’s in fashion and does it really matter? And how do you maximise your looks without blowing your budget and your wardrobe space? Beautifully illustrated throughout, this stylish guide is for women of all ages. 

If you’re always confused with what top goes with what trouser, or what accessories to wear with that jacket, why not give Alyson’s book a shot? I’m sure with hundreds of tips and tricks from the fashion world, you’ll find something you didn’t know. You can find it on amazon, or her site That’s Not My Age.

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