Mineral; Luxury in Film

By Jo Phillips

What makes a great film is the attention to detail; does the character portray the role that he is supposed to? However, even better films use products that give us a glimpse into the lifestyle of the character, without being blatantly obvious about it. The silent transaction from the audience to the director without using dialogue to convey luxury is an art that only the best directors know how to do.

There are very few things that James Bond, Jackie Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, Cara Delevingne and Audrey Hepburn have in common. Other than being in the spotlight for their particular job roles, they are known for their timeless style and elegance. Nobody does luxury better than James Bond, or The Great Gatsby. Throughout their films, the characters only wear and accessorize with the best of the best.


The things that seem to combine both movie stars, to artists and modern day models is the brand that is as timeless as the list of people who carry it, S. T. Dupont.


The French brand has been making luxury lighters, pens, luggage and cufflinks for almost 150 years. The brands YSL and Chanel are both frontrunners of the fashion industry and have shared the screen with S.T. Dupont lighters, and fountain pens. In the YSL film, Saint Laurent is shown smoking a cigarette next to the classic gold lighter and is shown writing with his Line D fountain pen.


The latest products by the brand were inspired by the film, Murder at the Orient Express. The film featuring Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh and Daisy Ridley has its own line of products by S.T. Dupont. To celebrate its launch, there are two exceptional products that take inspiration from the interior of the Orient Express train and the aristocratic lives of the passengers, The collection includes a beautiful pen, and a lighter created with the highest quality materials to shadow the tan and gold design of the train.


The trunk is created in the 1930’s and featured black crocodile skin, red Moroccan leather and compartments for 12 pieces of jewellery and 2 manicure sets.

S.T.-Dupont-resized-feature-imageFrom lighters to pens, to luxury goods and family heirlooms, the brand is celebrating their 145 years of excellence, S.T. Dupont is the pinnacle of luxury, and they have been leading the game for over a decade. The brand creates exceptional products, for exceptional people that last through lifetimes.

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