Mineral; I Am 10

By sora alfatlawi

 I am ten a phrase that says so much to so many.. does it make you think of Winnie the Pooh or maybe the song I am a One in Ten by UB4o? the tenth anniversary of weddings is marked with tin or aluminium, which is not the most glamours of gifts.

So what about tying in your celebration with something else’s like a perfume with ten year anniversary?

The original Chloé perfume still remains after 10 years a symbol of strength and freedom for women. Ten years since the release of eau de parfum Chloé, the new Chloé Absolu de Parfum epitomises the magnetism of the ever so sophisticated and elegant individual. Fronted by American actress Haley Bennet – an obvious choice for the campaign with her natural femininity combined with grace and willpower. She embodies the mind of a woman who knows what she wants and where she’s going. The Chloe journey has turned into an olfactory memoir, one fit enough to characterise the spirit of Chloé herself.

Composed by Michel Almairac, the same mind behind the original Chloé perfume has created the limited edition Chloé Absolu de Parfum. The scent embodies the company’s signature Damascena rose, vanilla and patchouli, with a rich cocktail of woody and floral scents, intensify the already captivating scent, delivering an entrancing ambience. To celebrate the anniversary, Absolu de Parfum’s message is simple. I am Chloé.


Also celebrating 10 years of women who are not defined by their age, but rather by there youthful free spirit, Marc Jacobs Daisy girl is a dreamy, confident spirit that radiates positivity with every step she takes.

The Daisy girl is commemorating the end of the year, with a Marc Jacobs signature, a floral – woody scent, a dreamy recollection, the Daisy girl is every bit as glamorous as the end of year limited edition perfume. Every note that follows her is an olfactory dream, enrapturing everyone around her into a world of purity and serenity. A blend of white violet, wild berries, jasmine and sandalwood, recreating celebration

Marc Jacobs limited edition bottle is the perfect example of the daisy scent. Redesigned in a frosted glass finish and a crystal encrusted daisy petal cap, it is the ultimate treasure to add to your daisy collection. It is the way to mark the end of a memorable year, by sparkling both inside and out, just like the women it was made for.

So these certainly shine a lot brighter than time and may just be a bit more romantic.


You can find Marc Jacobs Daisy here, and Chloé’s signature perfume here.


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