Mineral; The Heady English girl

By Jo Phillips

There is nothing that transports you back to your childhood more than a scent or a feeling of a place. Understanding the important of smell, Lucy Akhurst’s new fragrances transport you to her fathers workshop when she was growing up, or to her mother’s garden on a sunny Sunday morning. She put together signature elements to create her own personal time machine and she’s bottled up her creations to share with the world. 

The four perfumes by the brand La Maison Hédonique all have a story attached to their scent, whether that be a late night rendezvous or sipping cocktails by the beach. The founder of the brand says, “Think of the stories written here as points of departure. It up to you to continue your own tales of love, desire and fantasy.” The genealogy of La Maison Hédonique lies in Lucy’s love of narrative and story telling, following a successful career as an actor in film and television, as well as a writer and voiceover artist. The Maison Hédonique collection is centred around a single concept: to evoke emotions

together-resizedThe first piece of the set is the 5eme de Paris. The warm scent is reminiscent to Paris, and waking up to the smell of clean sheets, crisp white shirts, hardwood floors and morning coffee. The perfume takes you on this journey starting with top notes Bergamont, Mentha Citrata, and mandarin. As the perfume opens up to it’s heart, there is the smell of warm cotton and soft woods which gives it a fresh, homely scent. Finally, as the perfume drys down, there is coffee, hay and amber, giving you that signature coffee scent without the overdose of caffeine. 

The next in the pack is Leather Whisky. Derived from the name, the deep smokey fragrance contains hints of wood and leather. This scent transports it’s wearer into the darker parts of the night, when the party is over and you’re enjoying an ice cold single malt on a leather chair as a nightcap. It starts off with top notes of Cardamom, mandarin and ozone and then transitions into a smokey, moss leather scent at it’s heart. Finally, when its dries down, the base contains Oak, Cedar and Peat. It’s a strong perfume, for a strong individual.  

892400030025-3 HEDONIQUEApéro is the third of the series. The scent is reminiscent of the salty air by a beachfront as you sip a cocktail by the bar, and perhaps flirt with a handsome stranger that smokes a cigarette near you. The top notes starts off with that fresh, citrus smell from bitter orange, lime and juniper. As the heart opens, Garrigue herbs, anise and salt bring in the punch that transports you to the beach. Then the base of black pepper, bay and soft tobacco end it on the lingering scent of the cigarette smoke that leaves you in a whimsical dream of romance and sea. 

The final bottle to the collection is Comme Un Loup, a combination of the dark night, and the mystery that surrounds it. The fragrance takes the wearer through a journey between gardens late at night, when the moon is shining over-head and there are broken blossoms of roses on the floor under you. The scent starts of with green mandarin, cardamom and orange and transitions into the rose, warm spice and Spikenard at it’s heart. As the scent dries down, it has elements of smoke, incense and animal scents that leave you feeling musky, and mysterious. 

Whatever your scent may be, Lucy Akhurst is sure to transport you to a place, a person or a moment in your life. It is up to you to open the bottle, breathe in the scent and embark on your adventure..

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