Mineral; The Most Precious Treasure

By Jo Phillips


Wondering how to have your breath taken away by a Monet landscape when you can’t see it in person? Fortunately, art books now exist to deliver an artistic experience whenever the reader wishes. Finding a well-curated and comprehensive art book is no different to hitting the shovel against the chest to the most precious of treasures.

In the early days, only the highest institutions and a selected few were able to commission great painters. Fast-forward years later, a wider range of audience was able to access art, but only in designated places like a gallery. Artists Who Make Books is a great reflection of how anyone can access art anywhere, anytime. This tome compiles a selection of work from “32 internationally recognized artists who have integrated book production into their larger creative practice”, accompanied by insightful interviews that elaborate on the development of book-making as an art form. Art engagement is finally freed from the old limitations of space and money.

What is in an art book? It certainly includes the definition of a book about art or artists. It can equally be a book that puts forward the artistic aspect of it, such as the creative process. By curating the piece in such direction, the reader’s experience is guided through the artist’ lens, revealing a deeper connection between them, independent from space and time. Think about the feeling you get every time you open that very old and heart-warming cookbook that has been passed down on generation after another, which still has faded hand-written notes.

Ultimately, the value of an artistic venture only requires a shared sentiment between the artist and the audience. In this day and age, it’s safe to say that art will find its way to you. Other creatives who treasure the idea of raising artistic awareness to the public include wall and street artists. To discover more about landscape art, please refer to .Clash: An Organised Explosion Of Colours.

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