Mineral; Urban Apothecary Reimagined

By Jo Phillips

Memories. Moods. Storytelling. These are the foundations of Urban Apothecary.

Debuting in 2011, the beautifully crafted fragrance brand quickly gained cult status with scent seekers clamouring to fill their homes with Urban Apothecary’s stimulating aromas. Taking an artisanal approach like an alchemist or a craftsman, founder Tajinder Banwait layers natural ingredients and minerals of flowers, woods, fruits, and resins to create scents that transports you elsewhere.

Exuding nostalgia reminiscent of your grandmother’s vanity table or the endless bottles in apothecaries of a bygone era, Banwait initially designed her brand around vintage aesthetics and British tradition. But like everything else in nature that evolves and sheds its former layers, Urban Apothecary too has gone through a metamorphosis of its brand. In 2017, it unveiled a new aesthetic that exudes sleekness, modernity, and an elevated craftsmanship.

Still adhering to their ethos of using natural ingredients, Urban Apothecary now radiates a more metropolitan look, projecting luxury without being pretentious. Infusing traditional ingredients in a contemporary design finally aligns with their name, Urban Apothecary, catering to scent-enthusiasts who yearn for natural aromas with packaging that can fit within their urban décor. Gone are the clear glass antiquities with charming feminine touches; they have been replaced by glossy, onyx, cylindrical jars in a gender-neutral sleek design.

With a keen eye for infusing high quality details into every step of their process, the team of perfume-alchemists and artisanal candlemakers thoughtfully look over how to produce the very best quality with a personal touch. For the candles and room diffusers, each product has its own process and tips for the optimal scent experience in your home.

The warm glow of a flame fills the air with stories. With no detail unattended to, the artisanal candlemakers hand-pick the best cotton wicks to be lovingly placed in each mouth-blown vessel; all are assembled in-house at their Leicestershire factory. A pool of soy wax, blended with a curated recipe of botanicals, is then hand-poured around the wicks evenly to ensure the best quality. Every step of the process is contemplated over, including creating the perfect candle-burning experience for their customers.


Urban Apothecary lovingly provided these tips so you can have the ideal experience when lighting your candles:

  1. Upon your first use of the candle, allow the flame to burn long enough for a pool of melted wax to reach to the edge of the jar.
  2. To prevent the dreaded pit you get when lighting candles, make sure the wax melts evenly on the surface.
  3. After each use, make sure to clear any debris that has fallen on top of the candle surface to prevent any secondary flames from happening.
  4. After use it also helps to straighten the wick to ensure that the candle burns evenly every time.
  5. To have the perfect size flame every time, and to avoid smoke, trim your wick 5 millimetres after every use.


Our favourites from Urban Apothecary are definitely the Oudh Geranium and Verbena Leaves.


Verbena Leaves

You can awaken your senses and start your day with motivation by lighting the Verbena Leaves candle. Refreshing bursts of verbena, lemongrass, and zests of chilled citrus brighten your mood and linger a fresh scent that doesn’t overpower you. Yet the lemony scents are balanced with deep notes of sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli. Its natural and subtle fragrance transports you into an effervescent mood that will set the tone for the rest of your day.


Oudh Geranium

The Oudh Germanium candle is the perfect candle to come home to after a stressful day. Peeling your stuffy work clothes off, slipping into your softest pyjamas, and having soft jazzy tunes blending into the woody sweet aromas of the candle allows you to unwind and re-centre yourself. The intoxicating notes of Oudh, Geranium, Vetiver, and Praline creates a sensual mood that encapsulates you lulling you into an evening of relaxation.




Bay Berry

The Bay Berry candle is a gorgeously fruity medley perfect for holiday gatherings. Blending the sweet aromas of blackcurrant and cassis (a blackcurrant liqueur most commonly found in wine), these rich tones are balanced with the earthy notes of sage, and topped with hints of grapefruit and rosy geranium. Light the wick, and within moments, your senses will fill with autumnal warmth.


But if you’re accident-prone, you might want to steer away from candles and live flames. For a safer choice, why not try a room diffuser? Urban Apothecary offers beautifully designed mouth-blown glass bottles, accompanied by natural black reeds to permeate the air with these contemporary scents.


The Rose Voile room diffuser is ideal for lazy Sundays when a slow morning and a cup of coffee are all you want. The delicate notes of rose, lily-of-the-valley, and iris are a tantalising mix with the light, sweet scent of vanilla. Place the reeds into the fragrant oil and wait seconds for the aroma to drift through the air like a Spring breeze.

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