Mineral; When Music Becomes Visual

By Jo Phillips

‘Scars’ is Johny Dar’s new single.. a piece of music that very much has a filmic soundtrack kind of feel to it. Johny’s unique and unprecedented vocal instrumentation (aka ‘alien-rap’) is fully revealed in Scars for the first time, in a track as moving as it is groundbreaking.  Scars is about pain raw gut wrenching pain imbued with both adult and childlike sentiments.  The redeeming quality of ‘Scars’ is the undeniable beauty of the instrumental that compels the journey, and Johny Dar’s extraordinary ‘alien-rap’ that guides it.  Humbled by the experience of how much pain love can hold.  Euphoric that we have survived the storm.  And inspired to discover just how strong we really are.  

‘Scars’ is the third single from the ‘Dardelica’ album and will be officially released on December 1st. listen to it here

So in celebration of this we asked Johny to share a few of his favourite film soundtracks with us and of course why he likes them

1. Blade Runner – Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch, Vangelis

Reason: Futuristic feel, uplifting and adventurous. Creates a sense of remembering something that hasn’t even happened. It creates a sense of deja vu whilst building on the emotion of the listener. 

2. Avatar – Composed by James Horner 

Reason: It takes inspiration from African tribal music, with an icing of futuristic fairy-like vocals. 

3. Hans Zimmer – Interstellar and Inception 

Reason: Zimmer has a way of using perfectly orchestrated sounds to fill your head with mystery and curiosity, your heart with compassion and empathy.  It builds and builds and builds making you feel like your moving towards something until you reach it… and decide to keep going. 

4. Prometheus – composed by Marc Streitenfeld

Reason: the soundtrack utilises a variety of strange noises, before it builds into a tranquil, ‘new planet finding’/Attenborough Planet Earth-style theme as the choir of angels begins to mesmerise the listener.  

5. Ghost in a Shell – Music by Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe

Reason: The music in this film sounds like a cacophony of future instruments playing together. The sound echoes in a particular way where you can’t tell if its actually the music or your brain. 

See it here

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