Mirror: Call and Response. Hip-Hop.

By Jo Phillips



Mirror your sound with Call and Response Hip-Hop. Call and Response came from African cultures, in public gatherings, religious rituals and vocal and instrumental musical expressions. Music-wise it included many forms, such as gospel, rhythm and blues, jazz and hip-hop. Call and Response is like the call and response pattern in human communication and is commonly used as a verse-chorus form in many songs. Another major influence on Call and Response Hip-Hop was the amazing group Run D.M.C…

As hip-hop started to occur into the mainstream, Run D.M.C. took over and created a whole new school wave of hip-hop music. Even though, funk and soul were the mainstay of rap music, Run D.M.C. came through with its own mark of hard-hitting performances and rock infused instrumentals.

Run D.M.C.’s albums changed the sound landscape of rap music. If it weren’t for them, there would’ve never been a place for rock-infused rap albums, and rap videos on MTV. Similarly, if it weren’t for Run-D.M.C., hip-hop may not have been so successful and many artists who have gone into the rap and hip-hop genre may not have existed in that path of industry, such as LL Cool J or Jay-Z. Overall, Run D.M.C. taught hip-hop some of its utmost lessons about creativity and self ownership within there music. So, if you are an aspiring hip-hop artist start to mirror your voice with call and response techniques!

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