Mirror: In nature

By Jo Phillips

One place on Earth doesn’t feel so earthy at night when the stars reflect off the ice salt floor of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.  The feeling of being suspended in the galaxy is felt when walking through the area because the way things reflect off the surface below the feet.  This ice flat is considered the biggest natural mirror in the world made possible by the clear air and low humidity of the area.

Along with this large natural mirror, architects and artists are starting to build mirrored structures into nature.  Tham & Videgar Arkitekter made a tree hotel in northern Sweden near Harads.  The mirror around the treehouse reflects the surroundings and the sky to camouflage itself. (more information and pictures)

dzn_Tree-Hotel-by-Tham-and-Videgard-Arkitekter-1 dzn_Tree-Hotel-by-Tham-and-Videgard-Arkitekter-3 dzn_Tree-Hotel-by-Tham-and-Videgard-Arkitekter-5

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