Mirror: Magnificent Metallics from Stila

By Jo Phillips

Every now and then a product comes along and makes me squeal with delight.  Regular readers will already be familiar with my love of glitter and shiny things so when Stila launched Magnificent Metallic shadows, it was pretty hard to contain myself.  I felt it only appropriate to tell you about them in case you weren’t already aware…
Featuring 12 metallic colours ranging from blues and greens to coppers and golds, these foil finish eye shadows are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and go on like a dream.  (I can truly vouch for this as we used them in our forthcoming beauty shoot…) With a creamy consistency, it enables you to create a huge repertoire of looks from a sheer wash to a metal-tastic full coverage look.
And as you may know, we LOVE packaging here at .Cent, so the fact that these bad boys come with a separate mixing palette, AND a specially adapted eye-primer as well, had me dancing on the table.  Be careful to not become heavy metal; trust me the temptation IS there.
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