Mirror: Mimicking Art with John Myatt

By Jo Phillips

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A new collection titled FAKE by forger-turned-legitimate artist, John Myatt, launches at Castle Fine Art, Mayfair on 16th July.  Myatt is known as the world’s greatest art forger who was even jailed for his participation in the 20th century’s biggest art fraud.


After his 1999 4-month jailing, he thought he was done with art. However, his officer who arrested him urged him not to throw away his artistic talent.

jmt12007_john_myatt_girl with pearl earring in the style of johan vermeer

So then he decided to start painting his genuine fakes that mimic the style of some of the masters of the art world.

“I know that I’ll always be known as the art forger who duped the experts but while that period of my life is definitely over, it set me on a path I never knew would be possible.” he said.


The new collection, FAKE, includes 47 original pieces mirroring the bold and geometric style of Joan Miro, an impasto of Claude Monet, and pieces inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and Johan Vermeer.

l_jmt08002_john_myatt_the harvest van gogh

**The collection is on display at Castle Fine Art, Mayfair (address 24 Bruton Street, W1J 6QQ) from 16 July to 10 August.  For more information click here.

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