Mirror: Superfruits in your skincare

By Jo Phillips

Cent - BRYT Skincare

Can you really find botanical skincare amongst the fruit and veg aisles?  Indeed so if you look from the end of this month at Waitrose, for the retailer is set to be the UK stockist of cutting-edge botanical skincare brand BRYT.

Aimed especially for generation 2000’s youth to encourage great skincare regimes during the skin’s evolving years, BRYT has a simple 3 step process for use: Cleanse, Nourish, Protect.  Ideal for those who may be distracted with anything taking longer than 10 minutes.  Selfie anyone?

As well as its unique Advanced Phytoscience System (APS) which includes pure Aloe Vera, healing Allantoin, the range also contains ingredients which are five times more antioxidant-rich than blueberries, such as organic Australian wild-harvested plums Kakadu, Burdekin and Illawarra.

Sounds good enough to eat doesn’t it.

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