Mirror: Unique artwork from London’s streets

By Angelina Puschkarski

Old school graffiti has certainly evolved over the decades. Some of the original aspects – hip hop, style, fashion, culture – have eroded, but at the heart is still a way of life. The days of painting whole trains and watching them roll around the city are lost, in New York and London at least. Those unique canvases, however illegal, inspire generations of writers and artists to develop a creative style, and engage in an expressive creative art form” – Joe Epstein, LDN Graffiti

Jim Vision. Shoreditch. http://search.ldngraffiti.co.uk/image-detail.asp?imageID=21034
Jim Vision. Shoreditch.

London has always been a cultural melting pot and, over the decades, the city has become a rich landscape for all forms of graffiti ad street art. Artists such as Banksy and the constant stream of new talent make London to a graffiti paradise. The book ‘London: Graffiti and Street Art‘, which will be released on Thursday, 10th July (by Ebury Press for £9.99) , contains the most ground-breaking and innovative graffiti in this city. It is a vibrant insight into the creative output lost and found in and around the capital.

The book is available from July 10th here.
The book is available from July 10th here.
Cept TRP. Grimbsy Street.
Cept TRP. Grimbsy Street.

The book contains detailed photography of masterpieces and quotes from leading artists such as Anthony Lister, MadC and Dan Kitchener, and a foreword by Pure Evil.

For more information and where to buy the book please click here.




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