Mirror: Vandalism and Art

By Angelina Puschkarski

On July 22nd, Simon and Tom Bloor talk about ideas developed during their recent residency at Flat Time House where they researched the intentional destruction of public art and the construction of degenerate street furniture.The South London Gallery is hosting a panel discussion in which the artists and other panel participants such as art historian Richard Clay, curator Jes Fernie and artist Nils Norman invesitigate public space and the paradox of unintentional creation, the discussion considers how artists might appropriate acts of vandalism and how those acts might be seen as an extreme abstraction or performance.

Image courtesy of Simon & Tom Bloor
Image courtesy of Simon & Tom Bloor

This event coincides with their current exhibition, Residency Works at FTHo, and also draws on ideas of urban play and utopian pursuit explored in their 2011 exhibition at SLG, Happy Habitat Revisted.

Get tickets and more information on the South London Gallery’s homepage here.


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