Mirrors: Juxtaposition & Shattered

By Jo Phillips

kukla1 article-2213809-15607778000005DC-20_964x959 article-2213809-15607784000005DC-5_964x9593Photography or paintings?  Photography.  In March 2012, Daniel Kukla lived in a cabin in California’s Joshua Tree National Park and photographed mirrors on easels out in the nature.  In the collection of photographs called ‘The Edge Effect,’ Kukla captured opposing images within in photograph.  The products ended up looking almost like paintings.  Check out more of the photos and Kukla here.

Like Kukla, Bing Wright incorporates mirrors into his photography of nature.

Broken MIrror_Evening Sky(Agfachrome) Broken Mirror_Evening Sky(E6) Broken Mirror_Evening Sky (Anscochrome)2Wright shattered mirrors and then photographed sunsets in them for his 2012 ‘Broken Mirror/Evening Sky’ collection of photographs.  The shattered mirrors give the sunset a new twist by making them look stained glass like.  Check out more of Bing Wright and his photos here.

Do you photograph with mirrors?

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