Mixed Bag

By Gabby Anaya

Alexander McQueen was a creator who like to test extremes and play with opposites. Known for striking yet beautifully dark creations, he thrilled the world of fashion with his vision. Even though he passed away, his label thrives. His influence reaches every design, this is why instead of a plain bag, an Alexander McQueen bag is daring, bejewelled, and is both beautiful and rebellious. This season the Hobo Bag encapsulated this duality; a dazzling bag with gems and rings, but made up as a knuckleduster design. There is even duality in the name ‘The Hobo.’

The Jewelled Hobo Bag embodies complexity and multifacetedness in a bag. From the style and use of the bag, even to the aesthetic, there is always more than one way to look at it.  With the powerful trim of a knuckleduster bejewelled with Swarovski-encrusted rings, to the colourfully crafted calfskin leather in bright tones like; Ivory, Antique Pink, Galactic Blue, Black, and Silver. It is as much an enigma in its beauty as the designer was in life.

The Hobo Bag comes with an adjustable leather strap, for a seamless hand-holding, or, with a little adjusting, it can also become an over-the-shoulder version. There is also the option of a detachable chain strap for a different way to style the bag over the shoulder. 

The style and design play with the balance of feminine and masculine or elegance and roughness. And although the rings are seductive and alluring, they have a rough alter ego.

The new Alexander McQueen Jewelled Hobo Bag fearless and embraces opposites, yet somehow finds a satisfying balance in the form of an enchanting bag. It was first launched Pre-Spring Summer 2023, but Spring/Summer of 2023 is when it made its catwalk debut and is now available in stores and online.

Although the aesthetic of the next bag could not be any more different than The Jewelled Hobo Bag from Alexander McQueen, the Fendi Peekaboo has a lot of similarities; made from high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

The face of the Fendi Peekaboo is Naomi Campbell, a model, actress, and philanthropist. Her personality is symbolic of the characteristics of this collection, which are independence, ambition, and strength of character, and these are representative of the message and feeling that this line wants to invoke in its consumers.

The bag comes in several different colours from neutrals like black, white, and tans to adventurous colours that will surely be eye-catching like the different shades of green and bright pink.

The Peekaboo bag comes with sharp or rounded edges. The handle selection is anything from a metal chain to leather with decorative flowers. Although there is a lot of variety in each bag, there are some consistent pieces. Every bag has a middle partition that separates the bag into two chambers and holds the double turn lock. As well, each is created with a mid-century-inspired trapezoid shape.

Finally, if you need even more options Bimba Y Lola just launched their new Pocket Bag that’s part of their SS23 campaign by Grant James-Thomas. The bag is designed with soft curves, vivid colours, and perfect for the adventurous type who can’t sit still.

No matter the day, activity, or personality, Spring/Summer 2023 is equipped to find everyone their perfect match.

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