Exposed; LFWM18 – Introduction to the World

By Jo Phillips

To kick-start London Fashion Week Men’s AW18, the LCF MA Fashion Design students for menswear showcase the pure charisma of youthful naivety with a distinct global feel in the catwalk. On the surface, louche, long silhouettes, asymmetrical elements, wide and slouchy shapes are present throughout from casual wear to suiting. Once we get past the initial phase of gender neutrality, the subtle nods to multicultural dressing unfold – drapes, scarves, long skirts and loose trousers are all closet staples for many. There was once a time when designers gathered in London to produce Western European collections, but times have changed. As the emerging talents have shown, students unapologetically project confidence of their own culture in their designs to explore different themes. Pastel and bright colour blocking – Yishin Zhang’s pairing of eclectic wooden bowlers and radiant hues, and Han Xu’s oversized wardrobe accessorised with round handbags – and Sohyeon Park’s navy and grey tailoring, is balanced out by a neutral colour scheme. Overall, many have opted for plainer creations with worldly fluidity with an accent on details – the graphic add-ons by Wenya Huang, and the fringe woven scarves and long coats by Xu Bo that close the show.





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