Modern: Art X Technology

By Catarina Wilk

These days, technology and art are two fields that are more interlinked than ever before.
In fact, modern technology provides today’s art scene and their artists with new and innovative ways when it comes to creating art works. One could almost say that technology is defining all things art related in a new and very modern way.

These days, even more artists are pushing the boundaries of art. To be precise, many artists are now trying to incorporate other aspects into their work.
In September 2014, “Digital Revolution“, an exhibition at the Barbican Centre, demonstrated
the influence of digital media on art by showcasing a “three-dimensional laser light field, giant robotic snakes and wearable tech“.

Welcome to Digital Revolution from Barbican Centre on Vimeo.

Due to the fact that we live in a very digital era, another example of art with a very modern approach is the App “le déserteur”.
Developed by Sylvain Souklaye, founder of a French studio based between Paris and Copenhagen called Synesthesia EXP, Souklaye’s App connects arts and literature with new technology. His motivation was to create “an art installation fuelled by desire and responsive to emotions, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise and Scott Snibbe’s app Biophilia”.
“Le déserteur” is the first native exhibition exclusively designed for an iPad.

le déserteur (Official Trailer) from Synesthesia EXP on Vimeo.

The New Museum in New York and Los Angeles County Museum of Art have announced the opening of new Art + Technology labs.
The Art + Technology Lab at LACMA supports artist experiments that involve emerging technologies.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-12 um 15.27.02

The art world is changing and technology does have a massive impact on the development.
What comes next? Time will tell…

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