Modern: It Is About Time…

By Catarina Wilk

A day has 24 hours. An hour has 60 minutes. A minute has 60 seconds. A millisecond is a thousandth of a second… This list could go on and on. It becomes obvious that time has always fascinated and sometimes confused human beings. Over hundreds of years, we have tried to define what the term “time” means to us, we have tried to track it and measure it since the very beginning of civilisation’s emergence. Without any doubt, time is precious and everyone has a different concept of time.

Speaking of this, we would like to introduce you to ALESSI‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection which includes a couple of exceptionally modern clocks that show more than just the time. Each of them has a specific meaning behind its design and indicates the designer’s approach to time.

Anhang 1
Press Preview of the ALESSI S/S 2016 collection at the ALESSI showroom in London

“Time is not circular: it veers sharply to mark the event as unexpected – As the clock itself.”

“Time Maze” designed by Daniel Libeskind for ALESSI S/S 2016

“We kick off with a wall-clock based on the 17th century French Comtoise that was fairly common back in the days. Although still in the collective memory, rarely seen nowadays. As you might know, Studio Job loves a sense of history”.

“Comtoise” designed by Studio Job (Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel) for ALESSI S/S 2016

Giulio Iacchetti’s clever “corner clocks” are “designed to be hung in a corner of the house or workspace, thereby setting a before and after in this category’s very diverse scene”.

“Ora In” / “Ora Out” designed by Giulio Iacchetti for ALESSI S/S 2016

“When creating this clock my intention was to create a tranquil, sculptural form that gave the impression of infinity by creating continuous curves that reflected the constant, infinite quality of time. Personally I like to adopt an infinite or timeless philosophy regarding time.
I feel we all need to forget the worries about time and just focus on creating Una Bella Vita!”

“Infinity Clock” designed by Abi Alice for ALESSI S/S 2016

“When beginning the creative process to create a wall clock I explored many options, one of which was to explore the creative potential of the colored sticky dots that are available in every stationary shop. I was drawn to the varying sizes and bright colors of the sticky dots, and began a multitude of playful experiments using sticky dots and colored card. A process which also incorporated my interests in color, aiming to create vibrant color combinations. Through this process the “Dotty Clock” was born.”

“Dotty Clock” designed by Abi Alice for ALESSI S/S 2016

“The irregular shapes of the hexagonal clock face and the surrounding tiles create spaces and generate light and shade effects that add magic and dynamism to the object”.

“La Stanza Della Scirocco” designed by Mario Trimarchi for ALESSI S/S 2016

The message is clear. All the different designs shown above give a little insight into the different concepts of time and the way how some of us perceive time. How would your clock look like…?

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