Modern: Modularity

By Jo Phillips

Let’s start with the basis. Modular furniture is pre-made items which can be combined in different ways and which can be used to the need and room spacing. It is extremely modern, easy to install and to dismantle, it helps to save space in the room, and, moreover, it could and should be used in various ways. Kitchen is probably the most popular modular furniture for home. However, bedrooms are quite popular as well. Office modular furniture is very popular in modern workplaces.

If you start typing ‘modular furniture’ into Google search the first result you’d see is ‘modular furniture ikea’. Fair enough, IKEA has always been famous for its modular pieces. However, there are so many more examples of beautiful modern items.

Of course, the classic is Swiss USM, who patented its signature modular furniture system, USM Haller, in 1965. The whole idea was inspired by Fritz Haller’s modular architecture.

Rethinking the Modular (Rethinking the Modular, edited by Burkhard Meltzer and Tido von Oppeln, published by Thames & Hudson on 11th April at £24.95.) is a a new book coming out in order to celebrate USM’s 50th anniversary. This book is the culmination of their activity; it contains previously published writings, interviews with leading figures in design, and specially commissioned essays from John Thackara and Rick Poyner. Rethinking the Modular aims to redefine the place of modularity in modern design history.

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USM, Organize, Flexible Office Shelving

Campeggi, whose motto is ‘Campeggi, always faithful to itself, is still changing for you’, is a perfect example of modular furniture as well. This Italian brand is against any kind of boredom and stillness; they create bright and dynamic furniture, ready to be moved or transformed.

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Campeggi, 365

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Campeggi, Sosia

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Campeggi, Dynamic Life

Branka Blasius from Germany created the minmin furniture line that meets contemporary requirements of modern design but avoids manipulation through feigned innovation.


Branka Blasius, Modules

jäll & tofta are German designers and parents, who create furniture for kids inspired by their own children. This Rocky bed is their newest addition, it adapts to the growth and needs of a kid.

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jäll & tofta, Rocky

Modular furniture is not just convenient; saving space can be fun, stylish and fetching.

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