MODERN: The Evolution of Margaritas

By Shannon Brien

“Tequila”! Its either a word shouted across the dance floor before dragging your mates to the bar for an invigorating shot, or a word that is cursed the next morning when your head is pounding. Love it or hate it, this versatile spirit is a key ingredient in many cherished cocktails, most famous as the base for the Margarita.

Maybe I came late to the game, but I only realized after watching a few ‘Orange is the New Black’ episodes that you can make alcohol by fermenting fruit. You can actually make alcohol out of anything, there’s even a vodka that’s produced from a card board box. Now I’ve found another way to recycle!

In cooperation with 1800 Tequila, Cafe Pacifico dedicated a masterclass to this famed cocktail in celebration of national margarita day. I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t everyday national margarita day??” I can only nod in agreement, but Cafe Pacifico have dedicated an entire week and a special menu to this much loved classic, including the ‘1800 Pinche Choco Margarita’ a sweet take on a usually sour cocktail. This weekend, beginning Friday and ending Sunday, you can get two classic margarita for the price of one!

Cafe Pacifico_bottleshot
1800 Pinche Choco Margarita_Cocktail
If you’re more of a straight up person then 1800’s blanco or reposado range might be more your style. Each one showcase classic characteristics of the spirit with the added flavours that are iconally 1800 like the oaky taste from storing the tequila within french and american oak barrels. New to the UK market, is the incredible coconut flavoured tequila that will satisfy anyone who usually can not handle a classic shot!

1800 Coconut
Whether you enjoy it shaken, blended or stirred, a margarita is the perfect antidote for the winter blues!

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