Modest ; Rose Petal 25

By Sufana Hammad

Roses are usually associated with beauty, love and elegance. Just like many things, each colour embodies a different emotion. For example, a yellow rose could represent numerous emotions, such as joy, delight, gladness and friendship, and on the other hand, a red rose conveys an unmistakable expression of love.

It’s amazing how something so delicate and fragile can open us up to all these emotions, and in various folk cultures and traditions, different colour roses are assigned different symbolic meanings. In Japan, they have created a language and words based around flowers called Hanakotoba. There is also a general language for flowers known as floriography, which is a cryptological communication through the arrangement of flowers, proving the significance roses have on cultures and societies around the world.

The importance of roses has inspired Jo Loves CBE ever since she was a child. Her love for roses began at such a young age, from handpicking petals and making her own rose water as little girl, to creating her first rose oil face mask professionally.

All these years later, she is now celebrating her 25th anniversary as a scent artist and shop owner, and has become one of the most highly established perfumer in the world. Known for creating versatile fragrances, and mixing unusual ingredients together, creating fresh clean scents which became her signature, making unique perfumes that have been known for their gracefulness, artistry and luxury.

Dedicating 25 years towards perfecting a craft, whether its perfume, or painting or any different form of craftsmanship takes dedication, time and most importantly patience. Having worked with this noble ingredient for over 25 years, Jo has saved a special place in her heart for roses and became a special part of Jo’s creative journey. These years filled with success, failures, ups and downs but noteworthy moments that has led to Jo presenting this exquisite perfume, Rose Petal 25 as her ode to this journey.


When searching to find the magical Rose de Mai, in the little town of Grasse in the South of France, Jo wanted the notably cherished flower in order to celebrate her special anniversary in the industry. Whilst handpicking the perfect blooms to extract the first drops of oil from, Jo recognised that each petal from the French delicate flowers remind her of different memories across throughout her career.

Similar to taking thousands of flower petals in order to make one kilo of oil, a number of creative moments in the last 25 years have led to Jo presenting this precious scent for us to fully indulge in its luxury.

What makes the Rose Petal 25 so special, other than it holding emotional significance, is that the floral fragrance combines a bouquet of bright Bergamot, spicy Saffron and sweet Lychee notes surrounding a centre of roses. Including blossoming triple hit of Rose Water, Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose on a bed of everlasting Rose de Mai Absolute, Rose Absolute and Ambrette Seed. Making this perfume a truly rose indulgent fragrance magically enough for any lover of perfumes and enough to celebrate anyone with 25 years to their name.

Rose Petal 25 is available exclusively at Jo Loves and Space NK,

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