Modest; Three Curious Investments…

By Jo Phillips

3 Curious Investments for Fun and Profit

If you are like so many other people interested in investing as a means to secure your financial future, you may never get any farther than expressing an interest. You may not know the first thing about stocks and bonds, and with so many other pop culture investments making the news these days, there is just too much to think about. Instead of hitting the market, why not take a few minutes to read about some of those offbeat investments people are making, and interestingly enough, are seeing a healthy return. Check out the following three curious investments that promise to be a lot of fun and lucrative as well!

1. Backyard Henhouse

You may be wondering how a backyard full of noisy hens can be fun and lucrative. It probably depends on how you approach it. Those old hens can be tons of fun and they are known for being rather silly creatures. Whether you want to raise them to be sold for poultry or are providing antibiotic-free, organic eggs to your local grocer, there really is a tidy little profit to be made. This wouldn’t be something you’d want to do in a city, but if you live out in a more rural area, it might be a curious investment you can explore.

2. Fine Wines

Investing in fines wines isn’t exactly a curious investment, but it can be loads of fun! You’ll have to sample each vintage, won’t you? Then you can perhaps host a wine sampling party but only with a couple of bottles. Serve up any more than that and there goes your investment down the drain – literally. Of course, fine wines need to mature so you’ll want to store them in vaults so they can be kept in ideal conditions. Octavian Vaults are known for the science and craft behind wine cellars and they also encourage you to purchase wine insurance to protect your investment, on-premises or off. Octavian wine insurance recommendations are meant to give you the cover you need so that any natural, manmade or transport disaster will not result in a total loss.

3. Bankruptcy Claims

Now, this is a curious investment strategy! Typically, it involves paying off the secured debt of a company in bankruptcy or about to be made bankrupt in return for the deed to any real property. This is an odd way of breaking into property investments, but it can also work with bankrupt individuals. Some investors pay off debt with a new loan contract and if it isn’t paid according to terms, the loan stipulations will see that they are repaid either in property or money from the sale of property. It’s a bit risky, but it can help both the investor and the individual or company they are saving from the verge of bankruptcy.

So, there you have three curious investments for fun and profit. Bankruptcy is never fun, but it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve helped someone keep their head above water long enough to turn their life or business around. The fun comes in, as well, when you take one of those bottles of fine wine out of storage to celebrate a new beginning with your client. Investing can be fun but just be mindful that any kind of investment can carry varying amounts of risk. Since they all carry risk, why not have fun while you’re at it?

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