Modest; Where Humour, Slang and Elegance meet

By Carolin Ziegler

Beloved of the blue-rinse brigade, bingo is an institution in the UK. Although initially thought of something older ladies played, it now has mass-appeal. It is seen as a good night out for all ages, even if perceived as a tongue in cheek game for 21-year olds.

We all know terms like legs eleven, two fat ladies eighty-eight, and more – that are ingrained in our consciousness and also ingrained within a very British humour.

For those wanting to take a slightly more elegant and chic approach to a night out at the bingo hall, British accessories fashion designer Lulu Guinness has the answer. You can now make a bold fashion statement with one of their quirky handbags from the Autumn Winter Collection 2019.

Part of the collection is titled “Bibi” and consists of three cute, playful handbags, all featuring a famous board game: Bingo, Domino and Crossword.




The collection will feature other exciting handbags, some of which are even edgier than previous designs. Lulu Guinness creates products laced with subtle British humour, tailored to your needs. Apart from handbags, you can find other pieces as well including clothes, shoes and accessories like scarves and umbrellas.

Lulu Guinness’ products were initially known for the iconic red lip, which is a reappearing motif across her designs.







The British humour and the creative designs she utilizes for her products pervades her collections, for instance with her birdcage umbrella.




Not only does she apply humour to her products, but she also tries to include art and culture into the brand. Take a look at this Frida Kahlo inspired profile bag:




Lulu Guinness is truly an eccentric and wonderfully creative brand. With the new collection releasing this autumn, she yet again surprises with innovative, fun designs like the humorous bingo bag.

For more witty and delightful products with a hint of British humour, visit the official website of Lulu Guinness:

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