More For Pores… With the Power of AI?

By Iris Farmer

AI has its uses in research, photos, technology, and media but what about for skincare? Benefit Cosmetics is now annoucning the launch of their brand new AI-powered Pore Analysis Tool (P.A.T.) together with Perfect Corp., a top competitor in the world of Augmented Reality and AI as it relates to beauty and fashion. Read more in More For Pores… With the Power of AI?

So what does an AI skincare tool look like? Its a digital tool that you can access simply from you phone. It acts as a sincare diagnostic for your pores, no more going mad tyring to find out why your skin is breaking out, P.A.T finds your pores and will educate you on the best steps to take to get perfect skin.

Its time to be proactive with your pores, get personalized product reccomednations without waiting ages trying to find the perfect, and most likely booked-up dermotoligst.

Using your camera on either a computer or phone, P.A.T will scan your face and measure your pores in real time to tailer the results just for you. Learn about the potential causes for your blemishes, and take action.

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