More from the London Design Festival 2016

By Jo Phillips

As it is the last week of this year’s London Design Festival, here are some more projects that we really love and want to share. For more information on the festival, check out our roundup article here.

One of the London Design Festival’s exhibitions was hosted by the Czech brand Lasvit, who presented their glassware collections at Luxury Made, a new contemporary decorative interiors show that is part of the London Design Festival 2016. Lasvit was founded in 2007 and it sheds a new light on Bohemian glass and takes the designs to the next level. Their art installations are made from hand-blown glass and their aim is to transform glass into breath-taking light and design experiences.
Lasvit presented collections from Campana Brothers, Jan Kaplicky, Arik Levy, Maxim Velcovsky and Patricia Urquiola. The following items are some of our favorite artworks by Lasvit:

Campana Brothers’ art pieces are called “Candy Vases” and “Cheese Lid” and they are in collaboration with Lasvit master glassmakers. This collection is inspired by the colourful candies from popular Brazil markets.


The next piece from Lasvit’s range is called “Champagne Cooler” and it is made by Jan Kiplicky. The signature feature of this is its simple elegance, the curves and the futuristic tendencies.


The “Chrystal Rock Vases“ by Arik Levy are created with a perfect cut, highlight the interaction between light and darkness through a roughly sculpted contemporary silex.


Maxim Velcovsky designed the “Frozen Bowl” which is influenced by the transformation of water into ice.


The last item from the Lasvit exhibition is the “Radiant Vase” by Patricia Urquiola. She explores all the possibilities offered by glass-cutting and therefore, the vase combines blown glass and milling cuts.


Another brand that we really loved during the London Design Festival 2016 is The Conran Shop who have several collaborations throughout the whole festival. The brand is one of the leading lifestyle retailers in the world with items such as gifts, furniture, and lighting. Their concept for the festival is called “A Load of Jargon” which is expressed through the experimentation with space, material and typography and it is in partnership with the creative media publication It’s Nice That. The thought behind “A Load of Jargon” is that within the creative industry and general business, words and phrases are used without much thought about their real meaning. Apart from the art installations, visitors are also able to participate in jargon-themed activities such as a risograph printmaking workshop and a screen-printing demonstration. The Creative Director of The Conran Shop, Stephen Briars, says that the outcome of the collaboration is “a very different and exciting expression of design in the continuing reinvestigation” of the brand. Other collaborations of the company during London Design Festival include artists and brands such as the Royal Academy of Arts, Laboratory Perfumes, and Charlie Oscar Patterson. These partnerships give the public a chance to interact personally with the brand and its community. The exhibition takes place in The Conran Shop’s Chelsea store windows and it will be up until the 30th of October.


The last thing from this year’s London Design Festival we want to share with you is Design Shanghai. This exhibition featured 14 ground-breaking Chinese designers, who exhibited together for the first time in the UK. The exhibition included famous brands such as Benwu Edition, Frank Chou Design Studio and W+S Group and they presented new designs to the London design community and launched their newest products. One of the highlights of the exhibition was the Rooy’s Stone Vision Sofa, which combines comfort and natural beauty with aesthetics and ergonomics.


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