More than just a vibe

By Pushkala Pillutla

Long gone are the days when candles were only seen as a source of light. Candles, as we now know, can do more than just brighten up a room. Scented candles have the power to brighten up your mood as well as the ambience of a space. Seeing as the most powerful sense of a human being is our sense of smell having a beautifully scented room makes a lot of sense. Where ever you go whom even you meet, subconsciously the first thing you observe is the aroma they carry. And this aroma makes the first impression, subconsciously. When it comes to our sense of smell delicious pleasant and elegant aroma build ambience and positive vibes. Boujee Bougies the new candle aim to create more than just a nice scent or vibe, they also bring a little tongue in cheek humour to the votive.

Boujee Bougies the candle making company have crafted five scented candles, each one a different colour and scent. Find Succulent, Hellflower, Gilt, Cuir Culture and Queen Jam. All the candles are made with a little humour incorporated in the name as well as inspiration for each one from jam to house plants via old books.

Succulent– Houseplants, jungles, joy, the green label

It’s surprising to see how different parts of nature when combined together form the candle Succulent. A perfect combination of juicy green notes of a cactus plant that meets with the tomato leaf. Overflowing with the lush green fragrance makes you forget it’s a candle and want to water the plant, just remember that candles don’t need water to work.

Hellflower – Sulfur, burning flowers, brimstone, the orange label

Within fragrances, one of the popular notes are florals. According to the performer, Hellflower is associated with the Magnolia flower which was known to be one of the toughest survivors of harsh climates. A unique combination of this flower which has a slight citrus character and Jasmine, meet with sulfur and finish up with grapefruit. The scent was inspired by a book, a rather bad old sci-fi novel called Hellflower, all about a populace addicted to flowers, this became the starting point for the candle

Gilt – whispered confessions, Incense smoke, gold leaf, golden yellow label

Gilt feels like a blend of mystery, the vibe of someone expressing their concerns in whispers, just like in a church. Gilt holds the notes of ancient resins, spices and wood under a veil of gold. A play on the word guilt as the notes and ideas as so associated with church and godliness and gilted church items.

Cuir Culture – Leather, Cedarwood, the black label

Another play on words, Cuir Culture is a daring and unashamed celebration of the bold beauty of queer life, Cuir as in leather Queer as in gay. The Cuir Culture can be said to have a bold appeal to it. The relationship between queerness and dominance tamed with the notes of old books, and raw spices. It gives a unique fragrance of leather, reminding us of vintage erotica. Raunchy, pleasurable and ultimate a lot of fun.

Queen Jam – Tart Berries, Purple Roses, a Flash of Green, the raspberry pink label

Straight down from the Finnish forest, making a sweet romance of raspberries and bilberries. Queen Jam is something personal to the perfumer from the brand Pia Long as it makes her remind her of her childhood where she used to go to the forest in search of berries. The uniqueness of this particular fragrance is that there is no bilberry essential oil, but the aroma was created by the perfumer solely for the candle purpose. So berries accords meet raspberry leaf absolute, Rose, myrrh and flashes of green notes.

With their hand-picked collection of luxury candles, Boujee Bougies aim to create more than just scented candles, they aim to create a vibe, one that can create an atmosphere just like the notes in it.

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