Move: Artist Intervention

By Jo Phillips

Alexander Lewis‘ first collaborative move since his label launch in 2013 is The ARTIST INTERVENTION concept  and is a series of female artist collaborations. This collection has been launched as a digital show during Paris Fashion Week and the first of three begins with French artist Marie Angeletti .

This is a true collaboration with both Lewis  and Angeletti working extremely closely together throughout the design process incorporating her imagery into the textiles.  Angeletti referenced unreleased images that felt relevant in light of Lewis’s Mamacita Pre-Collection which were re-imagined using the images which were then woven as jacquard in three cases and printed in one case.  Highlights in this collection are the creative textile development produced in conjunction with Stephen Walters and Sons which is a first for the ninth generation English silk weavers established in Spitalfields way back in 1720.

The collection was then created around existing Pre-Fall 2014 pieces that Angeletti felt a connection with and would wear. A film which accompanies the collection was also directed and shot by the artist (see below)

Marie Angeletti’s current exhibition, They Love You All is showing at the Carlos/Ishikawa Gallery in London from 31 January – 1 March, 2014.

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