Move: Dry skin – it’s time to move on!

By Jo Phillips



It’s that time of year when that winter girth has forced a slight dependancy on looser fitting clothes and  likewise weather battered skin tends to be slightly more reliant on makeup.

But as spring approaches so does the longer evenings and brighter days.  The quickest way to feel better is to start with your skin.  Exfoliation is the key and with the right product it can be tackled quickly and just in time for the end of that city hibernation.

Aesop have been developing facial care using botanical products that are a must have for a health and beauty regime.  They have developed a Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant, these crushed botanicals can be added to your cleanser to create an exfoliating effect. Genius, especially if you have slightly sensitive skin or for first timers who find exfoliants slightly abrasive.  Likewise, for those of us that really enjoy the exfoliation process simply add more of the exfoliant as required.

The second Aesop product that came to our attention is the Purifying Facal Exfoliant Paste. This gentle exfoliant is a cream based product that is designed to dissolve grime and oil to ensure that skin is completely cleansed and polished which in turn enables skin to gain the maximum effect from the subsequent treatment that will follow.

Kate Forbes who is head of research and development at Aesop advised:

“A well-rounded skin care regimen unequivocally encompasses twice-weekly exfoliation. “

Without doubt these products will help  to move on that old winter skin and get you ready for Spring! If I find a solution that breaks the baggy clothes dependancy with as much ease I will share this straight away.

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