Move: Feel free to express yourself

By Jo Phillips

Allowing emotions to show on your face and still have a wrinkle free face… Surely this is a myth, urban legend…?

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Apparently not, for soon you’ll be able to cry, frown, scowl, scream, grit your teeth AND maintain a smooth, wrinkle free, youthful looking face, thanks to the exciting introduction of Vichy’s rather serious sounding, “Liftactiv Advanced Filler Pure Retinol + LR2412.”

Clinical trials took place in plastic surgery obsessed Brazil, and the results were pretty convincing; some 8 out of 10 participants said they were so impressed with the cream, that they would postpone their next injectable filler whilst 7 out of 10 said they looked “fresher” and felt their facial features had opened back up. Further results noted a 23% reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles, 30% reduction in upper lip wrinkles, as well as 16% reduction in those pesky frown lines and 13% reduction in the naso-labial fold (nose to mouth) lines.

Specifically aimed at targeting the vertical wrinkles which develop more deeply than those happy horizontal lines you may be more familiar with, Vichy Liftactiv advanced filler Pure Retinol + LR2412 also has Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and the infamous Vichy Thermal Spa Water in the ingredients. And, although it has the name filler in the title, this cream is actually intended for use all over the face. It has a wonderful light texture and the nozzle applicator makes it very very easy to apply to the tricky wrinkly areas. An added bonus is that the cream also has a lovely pearlescent finish which illuminates the skin.

Containing the highest concentration of the vitamin A derivative Retinol available on the UK high street, this new cream from the French beauty brand combines L’Oreal’s patented super ingredient ‘LR2412’ with Pure Retinol which allows it to work on multiple levels: acting as a powerful anti-wrinkle problem solver, skin smoother, hydration and reparation of the skin. The inclusion of LR2412 means that even the sensitive skinned amongst us can use it on our faces.

So ladies (and gents), feel free to #ExpressYourself..

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