Move: Get an Amazing Face with Emma Hardie

By Jo Phillips

Oxford born aesthetician Emma Hardie is something of a mover and shaker in the industry.  She creates amazing faces with literally just her hands, and a series of facial manipulations and movements that quote simply lift, and reshape the facial contours in a matter of minutes.

Watching this process in person is quite mind-blowing because it not only is Emma’s a natural approach, her hands on system helps to stimulate and repair the facial cells and tissue, yet does not require invasive techniques or harsh products to give the equivalent result of a surgical face lift and even fillers.Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 13.01.36

Focusing on natural alternatives to help the skin become more resilient to the passage of time, Emma’s Amazing Face stems from her own research into the factual science behind cell healing, and her own personal experience of a debilitating illness which left her with a serious loss of muscle tone.  Forging her own path back to wellbeing, and using her body’s own self healing process, she managed to heal and rejuvenate not just her body, but also her face; with renewed, lifted and reshaped facial contours.

.Cent Beauty asked Emma to explain the process behind her method:

“The skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepared, and then a manual skin and muscle softening technique helps to instantly release any restrictions and tension held in the face, enabling an unrestricted flow of energy, nutrients and oxygen to all areas of the skin and muscles.  Having woken the skin up, the natural frequencies used then stimulate the skin cells to move into a state of rejuvenation.

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 13.36.07

These cells instantly start to regenerate, repair, respire, expand and detoxify. The result is that the rejuvenated skin is softer, plumper, luminous and more elastic. Then by using a deep tissue technique, the newly awakened skin and muscle is sculpted to encourage the newly soft, energised tissue into its original, more youthful contours.

This facial is more than just cosmetic.  The treatment encourages the body into a deep state of relaxation and can also help with migraine relief, sinus problems, head, neck and shoulder tension, depression, menopause, grief and insomnia.”

Line up behind me people to go get an amazing face with Emma.  Her exclusive salon sits within the luxe Michaeljohn of Mayfair, 25 Albermarle Street, London, W1. (Call 0207 629 6969 to book in)

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