Move: Inspiring Designs

By Jo Phillips

We like product design and especially those that are extended expressions of contemporary living. These bike concepts, saddle and storage solutions are crafted by creative minds, who strive to introduce design into everyday living.

Milan-based Luca Schieppati has come up with Ciclotte, breaking the rules of traditional gym equipment designs and focuses on both physical and aesthetic lines and ergonomics. Luca’s Ciclotte transforms into a fitness tool and furniture that can be integrated into varied living contexts. It hinges on the idea that “work and relaxation, exercise and entertainment can share a single dimension within fluid spaces wherein all objects can interact with each other.”

Image Courtesy of Ciclotte

The new editions launched by Ciclotte is decorated with more than 500 Swarosvki gemstones or Swarovski zirconia, faithfully reproduces the dynamics and performance of on-road cycling and is ideal for high intensity aerobic training like spinning.

Brooks England
The plain joy of cycling is worth exploring. It’s nice to be on the move and this is why ergonomics is of prime importance. The latest to join the list of handmade saddles by Brooks England is the Cambium.

Image Courtesy of Brooks England

The flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof top is designed to follow the rider’s movements and makes riding easy while woven organic cotton textile gives it a natural look.

What if bike stands could tie in interior design with the cycling world? What if they could support everyday life on two wheels and address the challenges of owning and living with a bike in an urban environment? Daniele Ceccomori, Clive Hartley, Nick Mannion and Jason Povlotsky of design studio Quarterre pondered and came up with innovative furniture concepts ‘Shadow’ and ‘Hood.’ Because they realised bikes needed storage solutions.

Image Courtesy of Shadow bike stand, Quarterre

The ‘Shadow’ bike stand is hand-finished with leather trim, creating the perfect area for hanging the helmet and features a wheel slot that accommodates most wheel sizes. Its high-friction base keeps the bike perfectly balanced.

Image Courtesy of Hood, Quarterre

The architecture inspired and origami paper art like ‘Hood’ is infact a clever wall-mounted storage concept with an angled cut-out to accommodate a bike lock.

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