Move: Locomotion in Motion Pictures

By Jo Phillips

British Films 1944 1973 Another World by Andy Coleby

Whether it is a trip on a bicycle, by car or train, we all love films filled with explorations and discoveries of the unknown, taking us on the journey of life. Here, .Cent chooses three of our favourites featuring different forms of locomotion from cinema reviewer Andy Coleby’s book ‘British Films 1944 – 1973 Another World‘. Coincidentally, these are also some of Coleby’s personal favourites.

The Fast Lady
The Fast Lady

Would you buy a sports car and learn to drive, simply because the local businessman’s beautiful daughter asked you to in exchange for a date? That is the decision faced by Murdoch Troon, a clumsy town hall clerk and an enthusiastic member of the local cycling club, who ended up buying a 1920’s Bentley. Based on a story by Keble Howard, The Fast Lady is hilarious in its fast-paced riotous ways, capturing the generation’s fascination for fast cars and modern motors.

North West Frontier
North Western Frontier

Believe it or not an old train is the lead star of North West Frontier supported by the elegant Lauren Bacall and Kenneth More by its side on the silver screen. Namely, this old train was the only mean in 1905 to transport a young prince to safety across rebel-occupied territory in British India. Called ‘the British equivalent of a Western’, the film is full of suspense and action.

The Titfield Thunderbolt
The Titfield Thunderbolt

What happened when a small English village was about to lose their mean of transportation – its ancient railroad? The local villagers decided to put their shoulders to the wheel by running it themselves! Naturally, they were challenged by the local bus company. Directed by Charles Crichton and produced by Ealing Studios, The Titfield Thunderbolt is a colourful comedy that captures the viewer’s heart with its rural charms in post war England.

Coleby’s book ‘British Films 1944 – 1973 Another World’ provides comprehensive reviews and facts on Britain’s often overlooked silver screen classics. It is available now on amazon.

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