Move: Pillar Point Present their Music Video for “Dreamin'”

By Pascal Ebner


Let’s move over to New York – cause that’s where musician Pillar Point filmed his new music video for song “Dreamin'” that turns out to be just as melancholic as the track itself. Despite the miserable weather that dominated the area during the shoot, the team managed to create a beautiful scenery.

The face behind Pillar Point is singer Scott Reitherman, who prepared 9 tracks for his debut album including the melancholic track “Dreamin'”: If you’re looking for a strange yet fascinating experience that will keep you entranced for a few minutes then you should definitely have a listen to this song.

Reitherman was inspired by his very own heartbreaks while jotting the lyrics and if you listen carefully as we do, you’ll be able to sense this special feeling that is woven into his songs. Working with a camera stabilizer and using an almost hypnotizing slow-mo effect really adds to the goosebumps effect in Pillar Points’ video.

Check out the new video “Dreamin'” by Pillar Point:

Check out some more tunes below:

For further infos and tunes check out Pillar Points’ official website, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. Pillar Points self-titled debut album is available now and can be purchased on iTunes.

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