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By Jo Phillips


There aren’t very many films on stand-up comedy, probably since it’s not the most visually appealing discipline. Several comedians appear to be sad, untalented visionaries or outright sociopaths in the few movies that exist. Nonetheless, there are a few best online casino games based on movies on this list that shine out as loving homages to stand-up comedy. Below is a list of some movies about stand-up comedy.

Funny Bones (1995)

This British comedy starring Oliver Platt is yet another awful stand-up about a comedian who is trapped in the shade of his renowned comedian dad (played by Jerry Lewis). When his breakthrough show in Vegas fails miserably, Platt flees to England in search of the funniest undiscovered comedians to copy their skills and play them in the United States. This strange, unusual video is more of an appreciation of comedy as well as what it signifies to be funny than a stance in stand-up. Even in a category as restricted and confined as stand-up comedy films, Funny Bones is a true original that is well worth searching out.

The Jimmy Show (2001)

Another comedy about a naive failure, The Jimmy Show stars Frank Whaley (who also directed) as a working-class shmuck who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian rather than playing gambling online games . His crime is heinous, and his lifestyle is dismal. Comedy! He’s a truly lousy comic, like several other previous film stand-ups (perhaps starting with Rupert Pupkin in The King of Comedy), which either indicates that Hollywood has even less appreciation for stand-up comedy or that only the awful ones are entertaining. This is also one of the rare stand-up movies that do not cast anyone from the comic world. Perhaps they were all sick of being stereotyped as sad jerks.

Funny People (2009)

The 3rd movie from veteran stand-up comedian Judd Apatow stars Adam Sandler (Apatow’s former college roommate) and Seth Rogen as entertainers on different ends of the greatness spectrum: Sandler is a massive superstar (headlining his bad high-concept comedies, much like Sandler himself), while Rogen is the up-and-comer chosen to be Sandler’s protege.

Because the movie is set in the actual world of stand-up comedy, several comedians such as Norm MacDonald and Sarah Silverman portray themselves, whereas others like Bo Burnham and Aziz Ansari portray fictional characters. Given that so many of the movie’s actors are from stand-up comedy, particularly, Apatow, this is perhaps the most authentic and sincere movie about stand-up comedy.

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