Multi -Powder

By Julie Jacobs

Multi-coloured face powders have always baffled me but I seem to be the odd one out because Givenchy’s iconic Prisme range is one of, if not the top-selling face powders in the UK. However now I know Multi-powder means multi uses.

Guerlain is another brand that has included multicoloured pigments in their MÉTÉORITES Light Revealing Pearls of Powders (always reminds me of Sherbet Bon Bons), blushers and Terracotta Light Bronze collections too. I put my hands up; I should know better because as a makeup artist I’m aware the skin’s complexion is made up of many colours – I always mix at least three shades and tones of foundation on the back of my hand before applying on my models – but because the powder is so finely milled it ensures no one colour stands out or overrides the effectiveness of the others creating an illuminating invisible veil.

Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powders

Light-reflecting, luminous, blurring, radiance and enhancing are words often used to describe these multi-coloured powders. However they are also colour correct as well, for example, purple and green are correcting colours and very effective when used on their own – green corrects hyper red areas while purple neutralises overly warm (think orange) complexions.  The same theory applies to Givenchy’s new Prisme no.6, Flanelle Épicéé, the muted red (this alone would be a beautiful blusher ) adds warmth negating any ashen/grey that often arises with dark powders or foundations.

Givenchy Prisme Libre

Choosing the correct shade for your complexion is vital so it’s good news for everyone now that Givenchy is launching five new colour combinations ranging from fair to dark in June. 

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