Music meets Nature

By Noemie Hamon

Nature is a wonderful green machine that can be nurtured by the Human for their use. What would happen if the natural world was crossed with a purely human-made world? Take the natural landscapes and mix them with a purely artificial product, say music. What about listening to music feeling nature at the same time? It may sound like an unexpected mix, nevertheless, this is a mix that has been done for so long. Humans are nurturing their music with their inspiration coming from nature. Nowadays it is more important than ever because it can highlights what is at stake from an ecological point of view. Discover more about this musical combination in Music meets Nature.

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration. That is why some cornerstones pieces of music are directly inspired by our natural world. For a long time, Nature has been included in our man-made musical world. The compositor Frederic Chopin had a strong attraction for nature, for him, it was the only place where he could easily compose. Let’s discover or re-discover its musical masterpiece Raindrop prelude Op.28, No.25. This work is highlighted by the repetition of A♭ (flat A) which sounds like raindrops. Chopin wanted a translation of the harmonies of nature.

Rousseau interpretation of Chopin – Raindrops

More than one century later, nature was still at the centre of music composition. New styles of music appeared but the natural theme stayed, it just evolved. Jarvis Cocker’s with National Trust: The Album is an album inspired by nature. Waves crashing on the coast, birds singing, leaves flying and ducks swimming in the water; is what inspired Cocker to write the 13 tracks of the album. To clarify, it is inspired by the places protected by the association named in the title: National Trust. For example, the first track is Belton House, Lincolnshire – A Garden Stroll.

As the world crumbles under the weight of men, some decide to take the situation in hand. It is everyday actions that will save this nature that is vital and so inspirational. Giovanni Natali decided to make his contribution by mixing two things that are close to his heart. Nature and electronic music.

His first action toward nature through his work took place when he decided to launch his new solo project on October 16th 2020: Botanical Illustration takes patience and skill. He created three tracks united by an ecological message supporting ancient botanical art.

The first track is Botanical Illustration takes patience and skill. The listener is brought to the top of an exotic mountain with a breathtaking view all over nature during this song. Himawari is the second track. It reminds the desert, a world lost in the mystical fog. The last track is Mother – Love – Nature. This one lets the listener travel where his mind let him go.

Furthermore, all these tracks are sent together in the form of a Cassette tape. Instead of only writing about nature, Natali perfected its project by putting in each tape a little jute bag with seeds to plant.

Because his first project was only a winning battle in the ecological war, Co-pilot is back less than a year after his previous project. On June 25th 2021 Green Machine will be available for pre-order. Green Machine is Co-pilot’s new project: 200 pieces of vinyl released on July 30th 2021. This project in the continuity of the previous one with regard to the themes of nature and ecology which are always present.

The first side of the vinyl is composed of four tracks coming from Co-pilot’s previous project. The second face of the vinyl contains 4 tracks. It starts with Dancing like Fela with its electro steady rhythm. Then, there is Halo, with vocal samples. After that, Lost You – In Translation is a dancing song. Finally, Ulan Bator is the last track of this new project.

Music and nature are not that far apart. On the one hand, nature inspires human’s music. On the other hand, the human nurtures the musical natural environment surrounding him, to compose. What do you think will be the next unexpected musical association?

To discover National Trust gardens you can go on their website here.

To buy Co-pilot, Botanical Illustration Takes Patience and Skill, it is here, and to listen to it, you can go on Soundcloud.

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